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Thread: Munchak Back to the 'Burg?

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    Munchak Back to the 'Burg?

    Local media thinks he is on his way out in Denver. Apparently the magic hasn't happened there.

    Do you really want him back??

    Examining Why Mike Munchak's Offensive Line Continues to Plague Broncos
    Mike Munchak was supposed to fix Denver's O-line once and for all.
    For years, the Denver Broncos have had issues solving the problem that is the offensive line. That's been much the same this year, especially with all the injuries the Broncos have faced on the unit.

    This is a problem that GM George Paton has to find a way to solve. The Minnesota Vikings had a similar issue, and Paton hails from that front office, only intensifying the concerns of the O-line getting fixed in Denver.

    In their Week 16 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, Drew Lock was pressured on 48% of his dropbacks. On the season, Denver has the highest rate of pressured dropbacks.

    Part of the issue has been bad blocking alignments, questionable blocking calls, and general play-calling by offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur. However, most of it falls on the players themselves.

    Here's how the Broncos have shaped up on the O-line this season.

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    Left Tackle
    Garett Bolles showed off his potential during the 2020 season, earning second-team All-Pro honors, but he has regressed this year. His play has been average at best, mostly hanging around below average.

    Broncos' O-line coach Mike Munchak got the best year out of Bolles, so why the step back? One must wonder whether there is some regret with the extension Bolles was given last year. Would Paton have made the same move?

    In a way, it's a good thing Bolles is locked up because left tackle play around the league is down this year, and if Denver could get him back to his 2020 form, this team would have a steal. Bolles' issues could stem from the quarterbacks to the play-caller to even the left guard.

    Interior O-Line
    Risner has been on a downward spiral since his rookie year at left guard. The biggest issue with him is his lack of strength to fit into the blocking scheme the Broncos currently employ best.

    However, Risner does have his moments where he shines because the Broncos' running game is so convoluted with concepts from every scheme, which doesn't help the boys upfront whatsoever. When Risner missed time and before the Broncos lost right guard Graham Glasgow for the season, rookie Quinn Meinerz showed his promise and continues to do so.

    However, there are plenty of concerning hiccups that hopefully disappear as Meinerz grows. The other backup guard, Netane Muti, has been rough and has many issues that result from his lack of length and defensive linemen in the NFL knowing how to attack it.

    Reserve interior player Austin Schlottmann has also shown he is a low-tier backup at best, and when he's taken the field in relief of others due to injuries, it's been hard to watch. Starting in place of center Lloyd Cushenberry III the Raiders dominated Schlottmann at the point of attack so the Broncos have to upgrade that position.

    Glasgow is expensive and is likely out after this season, but his play has been average at worst. With what the Broncos have seen from Cushenberry, they can use an upgrade, and Glasgow could work for that. Unfortunately, it has been rough for Cushenberry this season, and he ranks at or near the bottom in many significant analytics categories for centers.

    Of 18 centers to play at least 80% of 1,087 snaps, Cushenberry has the fourth-worst run-blocking grade, seventh-worst overall offensive grade, the third-most pressures, and second-worst pass-blocking efficiency. His pass-blocking grade is fifth-best, but there is a disconnect between pressures and efficiency, all from Pro Football Focus.

    Right Tackle
    Then there's right tackle Bobby Massie who, statistically, has not been better than what Denver got from Elijah Wilkinson and Demar Dotson a year ago. Massie has been beaten in pass protection more than both of them, but he hasn't been beaten with the same ease Wilkinson was.

    Massie is also better as a run blocker than Dotson, so overall, he's more consistent than the two right tackles Denver employed last year because there isn't a dropoff in run-to-pass-blocking.

    The Coaching Question
    With the Broncos expected to go in hard on acquiring a proven veteran quarterback this coming offseason, the team will want to address the offensive line. The Broncos need to figure out some solutions and even evaluate the work Coach Munchak is doing.

    Based on how lauded Munchank is as an O-line coach, the performance of this offensive line can only be viewed as a significant letdown. The question Paton and a potential new head coach have to answer is, how much of the struggles are Munchak's coaching, compared to the personnel's talent, or offensive play-calling?

    Whatever the answer is, it won't be easy to solve. But it's past time the Broncos find a solution.

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    We have a vacancy. If he is released we would have to consider him. We didn't want to see him leave in the first place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron City Inc. View Post
    We have a vacancy. If he is released we would have to consider him. We didn't want to see him leave in the first place.
    This ..... ...........
    20. Sam Howell QB NC
    52. Nicholas Petit-Frere OT OSU
    84. John Mechie 3rd WR Alabama
    136.Nick Cross S Maryland
    208.Josh Jobe CB Alabama
    225.DJ Davidson DT Arizona
    241.Connor Heyward RB/FB/HBack/3rd string TE the more you can do

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    I need a prayer hands emoji.

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    Funny. Think about how this aligns with every other time we discuss a potential hire. We heard it just last week regarding the interview of Graham from the Giants. Giants D ranks low so Graham must be a horrible coach. Munch is being fired from a team that had the most pressures as a percentage per drop back. The fact that we already believe that he is a good coach is irrelevant. A bad unit is a bad coach.

    FWIW I believe it is a weak argument to simply state that because a guy is coming from a team where his unit ranked poorly that he can't be a good coach, but anybody who has used that argument should be against bringing back Munch.

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    Would it be considered an 'outside hire'?.... asking for a friend.

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    Quick ?

    How does Munchak's preferred style/technique align with O'Canada's offensive schemes?

    Think that is a factor in any consideration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron City Inc. View Post
    We have a vacancy. If he is released we would have to consider him. We didn't want to see him leave in the first place.
    I read somewhere it's not necessary he's released. If the HC is, any coach can interview and go to another team.

    Prayers hand emoji here too.
    Steeler Nation in Spain

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    IIRC...Muchak was given a Pro Bowl Guard (Decastro) and a Pro Bowl Center (Pouncey). he had a very experienced Guard in Foster. Maybe his best work was with AV. That said, he is coming back to a very young and inexperienced group of players. Are we sure his success would be the same?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post
    Would it be considered an 'outside hire'?.... asking for a friend.
    I'd call it an outside hire.

    For many it depends.
    If we hire him and he fails he is NOT an outside hire as he coached here before.
    If he succeeds he is an outside hire, because he coached the Broncos in between.

    Either way the agenda driven crowd uses the result as proof that we typically do it wrong, and classify him in either category based on those results.
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    In view of the fact that Mike Tomlin has matched Cowhers record I give him the designation:

    The Coach Formerly Considered Less Than Cowher


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