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Thread: Steelers at Chiefs - game day

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    Guys it's not one thing. OL is horrible, QB is fading, WR's suck and the TE us still learning.

    Only the HB position is solid

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    19 yds passing....ugly

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    Chiefs now moving the ball at will. Now we have to hope they don’t score again before half.

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    If that's Ben that's not roughing the passer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terrapin View Post
    Missing Persons can't locate Stephon Tuitt. But the real problem is our linebackers. Too bad we never trade up to get a stud ILB. And good thing we don't discard a good ILB because he was sad
    Didn't we trade up for Bush?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelBucks View Post
    We’re done unless a miracle.
    Our offense can’t even get to chiefs side of the field.
    From the 2010-2021 season, (A 12year period that the majority of Cowher's players & coaches had left) Mike Tomlin has only won 3 playoff games. And two of those wins were against back up Quarterbacks. Currently, Tomlin hasn't won a playoff game in 5 years.

    Dolphin fans in the 90ís held on to Don Shula for too long for what he did in the playoffs in the 70ís...
    Are the same as Steeler fans (of 2021 ) holding on to Tomlin for too long for what he did in 2008, with Cowher's players & coaches.

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    KC offense warming up, and Steeler D is starting to show warts. They are spending too much time on the field, and that will be bad in the second half when tired legs kick in.

    This offense has to do something

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    what hell was that?@?

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    An ugly delayed handoff loses yards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ernie View Post
    No.. our OC is a scrub.. and our QB isnt much better at this point.
    OC shoudl have never been hired in the first place, let alone allowed to continue this **** show for 19 weeks.


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