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Thread: Latest Evidence that the Pro Bowl is a Joke

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    Latest Evidence that the Pro Bowl is a Joke

    Steelers' AFC leading vote getters:

    OLB -- T.J. Watt (expected and deserved)
    KR/PR -- Ray-Ray McCloud ... ????
    P -- Pressley Harvin ... ????


    And Cam Heyward not in starter position on the DL? A travesty.
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    BTW, thought it should be noted, Ola Adenyi is on the list from the Titans.

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    It's similar to how the general population in America votes for their candidates.

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    We needed more evidence? I stopped looking at that a decade ago.

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    which is why saying “he made the pro bowl” doesn’t really move the needle anymore.

    All Pro is the label that impresses IMO
    Tomlinís coming back so what can you do?

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    Not that it ever wasn't a joke, but once the PB was moved to the week before the Super Bowl, it added all spots of players from the two competing SB teams who made the PB. Add in the number of players who no longer feel the honor to just be there, and those who wanted to take their families to Hawaii, and there is now probably close to double the number of Pro Bowlers than their used to be.

    It will be funny as you see players coming eligible for the HOF and seeing the number of PBs that are on their resumes compared to those of past years. Really now, the only numerical standard is all-pro selections and (I hate this one) Super Bowl rings.


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