This is not a very good team. I won't even get into how subpar the coaching consistently is. That's a given at this point. From not having the team ready against scrub teams, to the game plan, no adjustments, insane play calls, etc. It is what it is, and that's never going to change.

QBs. Rudolph is trash. Plain and simple. If Ben misses another game we need to go with Haskins. He sucks too, but has a higher upside, plus can scramble a bit. Regardless, we need MAJOR upgrades at this position next year, cause none of these 3 guys are any good.

RB: Najee is a stud. Should be the clear centerpiece of this offense for a few years.

WRs: When Ray Ray Mcloud is leading your WR corps, you're in trouble. But really, what's the difference? JuJu sucks. Claypool is a few blunts away from being Martavis Bryant. Johnson is a #2, not a 1. Not good.

Line: Sorry, there's nobody good whatsoever. Green is pathetic

Defense: Cam. TJ. Haden. That's it. Nobody else is worth a damn, and aside from Minkah, nobody else would probably be a starter for even an average team. It's rare when you can 'notice' how bad an ILB is. But Bush stands out in that regard every game. Missing tackles, blowing assignments, getting burned, etc. Talk about a wasted pick. Speaking of wastes, can someone contact Missing Persons to see if they can locate Tuitt?

You hear a lot in other sports, 'keep these guys and move everyone else'. Well if that's the case for the Steelers, the list of 'holds' would be Najee, Diontae, Muth, Cam, TJ, Haden, Boswell, and the punter. Everyone else can go.