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Thread: Monday Night Football Executive 2021

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonbull View Post
    Pretty sure you had 50000 points for a Mike Hilton pick 6

    Ok... i really just had to post her again.
    2013 MNF Executive Champion!

    2022 Final Mock
    1 - Malik Wills, QB, Liberty Kenny Pickett, QB, Pitt
    2 - Travis Jones, NT, Uconn George Pickens, WR, UGa
    3 - Jalen Tolbert, WR, USA DeMarvin Leal, DE, TAMU

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    Week 12

    NBC - 480
    Whatever - 410
    Flippy - 405
    Jooser - 395
    SteelersofDeville - 385
    ESPN - 375
    Passhappy - 365
    Papillion - 360
    Lonbull - 350
    Buzz - 350
    Pfelix73 - 335
    MeetJoeGreene - 315
    Ghost - 300
    Starlifter - 300

    The Weekly High Score was MeetJoeGreene with 50 points.

    The Holidays threw my schedule off this week - and as I prepared to watch the Ravens v. Steelers game - I couldn't remember what I had forgotten to do this week.....and THEN I figured it out.

    Good luck this week - your leader is in Steelers GOLD!

    Week 13

    Patriots v. Bills (+30) MJG
    Ravens v. Steelers (+15) Passhappy, Lonbull, Buzz, Starlifter, Jooser, SteelersofDeville, Ghost, Pfelix73
    Chargers v. Bengals (+10) - Papillion, ESPN

    49ers v. Seattle Flippy, Whatever, NBC

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    Week 13

    NBC - 510
    Jooser - 445
    Whatever - 440
    Flippy - 435
    SteelersofDeville - 435
    ESPN - 420
    Passhappy - 415
    Lonbull - 400
    Buzz - 400
    Pfelix73 - 385
    Papillion - 375
    MeetJoeGreene - 360
    Ghost - 350
    Starlifter - 350

    Jooser, Passhappy, Lonbull, Buzz, Starlifter, SteelersofDeville, Ghost, and Pfelix73 took the Weekly High Score of 50 points to the bank this week - as the Steelers squeaked by the Ravens in Pittsburgh.

    **Thankfully for Steelers fans - this game didn't pick up another 35 points!!

    ESPN and MeetJoeGreene weren't far behind as their Bills v. Patriots game earned a very solid 45 points -- despite the horrible wind conditions.

    NBC continues to find ways to keep the lead -- as they (along with Flippy and Whatever) picked up 30 points with the 49ers v. Seahawks game -- however looking ahead NBC is the ONLY Exec without any bonus points at kickoff.

    Meanwhile 2019 Champion Average Joos. has moved into 2nd place and will be picking up 15 more points at kickoff. Whatever who is only 5 points behind the Joos will have the same game and the two of them hope to cut deeply into that Peacock lead!

    Fourth Place Flippy will be brining the majority of the Execs along with him and hopes the Bills v. Bucs provides a BIG game to get most of us closer to the lead!

    Good luck this week - your leader is in Steelers GOLD!

    Week 14

    Bears v. Packers - NBC

    Rams v. Cardinals (+30) ESPN
    Raiders v. Chiefs (+15) Passhappy, Starlifter
    Ravens v. Browns (+15) MJG, Jooser, Whatever
    Bills v. Buccaneers (+10) Lonbull, Papillion, Buzz, SteelersofDeville, Flippy, Ghost, Pfelix73

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    2020 MNF Exec Champion

    2022 draft
    20 Zion Johnson, G/C, Boston College
    52.Jahan Dotson WR Penn State
    86.Matthew Butler DT Tennessee
    142.Leo Chenal LB Wisconsin
    168.Jamaree SalyerOG Georgia
    199.Josh JobeCB Alabama
    208.Christopher AllenEDGE Alabama
    225.Velus Jones Jr.WR Tennessee
    247.Peyton HendershotTE Indiana

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    Week 14

    NBC - 535
    Jooser - 495
    Whatever - 490
    Flippy - 485
    SteelersofDeville - 485
    ESPN - 470
    Lonbull - 450
    Buzz - 450
    Passhappy - 445
    Pfelix73 - 435
    Papillion - 425
    MeetJoeGreene - 410
    Ghost - 400
    Starlifter - 380

    Week 14 saw 11 MNF Execs earn the weekly high score of 50 points apiece in three different games!

    Despite the great score - Papillion, Buzz, SteelersofDeville, Flippy, Ghost, Pfelix73 and yours truly (Lonbull) - were left with some heartbreak -- because if Buffalo would have been able to win that game it would have given us all an extra 35 points for a come from behind victory of 17 points or more......but you just knew a certain #12 was going to bust our chops!

    And that wasn't the ONLY game that had come from behind 35 as a possibility - as MJG, Jooser and Whatever would have also enjoyed a significant bump in their score if the Ravens had pulled off a victory against the Browns......but the Browns were able to trip them up just two points short!

    NBC continued their luck (and their lead) through another week by just putting together 25 points thanks to Aaron Rodger's 4 Touchdowns and Jakeem Grant returning a Kick off to the house!

    Looking ahead - NBC is once again without any bonus points going into Week 15 AND Jooser and Whatever are very busy closing ground.

    Former Champion Flippy also won't be picking up any bonus points at kickoff - BUT will be in a position to make some head way if his game shakes out right!

    Good luck this week - your leader is in Steelers GOLD!

    Week 15

    Saints v. Buccaneers NBC, Buzz, Starlifter

    Chiefs v. Chargers (+30) MJG
    Packers v. Ravens (+25) Passhappy, Whatever
    Titans v. Steelers (+10) Lonbull, Jooser, SteelersofDeville, Ghost

    Seahawks v. Rams Papillion, Flippy
    Raiders v. Browns Pfelix73
    Vikings v. Bears ESPN

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    By my calculations my game was at least 70 points. Starting my big comeback bitches!
    Cleveland spelled backwards is DNA Level C
    another AA/AS original.

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    curse Bud for his second half sack.....
    2013 MNF Executive Champion!

    2022 Final Mock
    1 - Malik Wills, QB, Liberty Kenny Pickett, QB, Pitt
    2 - Travis Jones, NT, Uconn George Pickens, WR, UGa
    3 - Jalen Tolbert, WR, USA DeMarvin Leal, DE, TAMU

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    Week 15

    Whatever - 570
    NBC - 535
    Passhappy - 525
    Jooser - 520
    SteelersofDeville - 510
    Pfelix73 - 495
    Flippy - 485
    MeetJoeGreene - 480
    Lonbull - 475
    ESPN - 470
    Buzz - 450
    Papillion - 425
    Ghost - 425
    Starlifter - 380

    Many things to discuss this week - first and foremost Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all of you!

    Next thing to discuss meet your NEW LEADER Whatever!! He and Passhappy both put up an outstanding weekly high score of 80 points in the Packers v. Ravens 1 point --- let's try and go for 2 (again) -- matchup.

    The Ravens have been a MNF Exec. dream this year - with multiple late comebacks...and of course down to the wire failed 2 pt conversion attempts.....well the "Failed" part I guess is more of a Steelers Dream.

    Whatever leaps to the front of the line, and Passhappy is in the hunt!

    MeetJoeGreene also put together 70 points in the Chiefs v. Chargers Overtime - NFC West Showdown --- The Mahommes v. Herbert rivalry will likely be a game we should all have on our future schedules for some time to come ---

    Six MNF Execs found themselves in the Goose Egg Lounge this weekend including both ESPN and Former Leader NBC-- perhaps enjoying a little Eggnog with Santa's helpers??

    Looking ahead - most of us have points at kickoff at Week 16 -- however NBC is the only Exec that does not.......they are far from out of it, but maybe they have run out of gas?

    Whatever will be hoping for a Saturday Classic in the Tundra of Lambeau field - and Passhappy will be hoping for a nail biting Steelers victory --- meanwhile MJG has called his SHOT and he has the Colts v. Cardinals game all to himself.

    Good luck this week - your leader is in Steelers GOLD!

    Week 16

    Browns v. Packers (+10) Whatever, Lonbull, Papillion, Buzz, Ghost

    Bills v. Patriots (+15) – Flippy
    Steelers v. Chiefs (+10) – Passhappy, Starlifter, Jooser, SteelersofDeville, Pfelix73
    Colts v. Cardinals (+10) – MJG
    Dolphins v. Saints (+10) – ESPN
    Washington v. Cowboys - NBC
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    I got a call from the booth on Week 15 - I had originally scored the Chiefs v. Chargers Game as 80 points - but after further review it should have been 70 total points - the scoreboard has been corrected.


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    Week 16

    Whatever - 635
    NBC - 550
    Passhappy - 540
    Lonbull - 540
    Jooser - 535
    SteelersofDeville - 525
    Flippy - 525
    Buzz - 515
    Pfelix73 - 510
    MeetJoeGreene - 505
    Papillion - 490
    Ghost - 490
    ESPN - 480
    Starlifter - 395

    Happy New Year to all of my friends here at MNF Exec - here's hoping that 2022 provides you with health and success!

    I have no idea how Whatever's Health is.....but he successfully planted 65 points on the board with the Browns v. Packers game. I will openly admit MNF Exec. doesn't always "Get it right" and in this game 4 INT's by Baker Mayfield and kind of a garbage TD in the end provided big MNF points - in what wasn't necessarily a great game -- however Myself, Papillion, Buzz, and Ghost enjoyed a change of pace with some significant points (as most of us were towards the bottom) AND it's a Browns in a way MNF Exec DID get it right.

    Josh Allen and the Bills helped give Flippy the second best score of the week, with 40 points - as Allen and Harris each enjoyed 3 TD's apiece in the AFC East Match-up.

    Not going to sugar coat it my friends....Whatever has a commanding lead going into the last two weeks of the Season - AND with a total of 7 Execs taking the Browns v. Steelers game - half of this group won't be able to even make up any ground on the leader.

    Yours Truly (Lonbull) walks into Week 17 with a 25 point bonus -- and is looking at stealing the game in the end.....but let's face it this game likes to kick me in the shins more than most!

    The always dangerous Clown Prince - Flippy and recent Champion Jooser are also hoping to land some huge points as we come to the wire - because all of us have a lot of ground to make up to get within striking distance -- and the two of them will be picking up 10 points at kickoff.

    However it's Big Pappi and Pfelix73 earning 45 bonus points because they have a WIN and you're in game with the Titans!!

    With the NFL adding another Week and with me expanding the Win and You're In situation.....scores could end up getting a little insane here at the end!!

    Good luck this week - your leader is in Steelers GOLD!

    Week 17

    Dolphins v. Titans (+45) Papillion, Pfelix73
    Cardinals v. Cowboys (+25) Lonbull
    Rams v. Ravens (+10) Jooser, Flippy

    Browns v. Steelers Whatever, MJG, Buzz, Starlifter, SteelerofDeville, Ghost, ESPN

    ​Falcons v. Bills Passhappy
    Vikings v. Packers - NBC


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