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Thread: Monday Night Football Executive 2021

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    no prob....was getting nervous
    2020 MNF Exec Champion

    2022 draft
    20 Zion Johnson, G/C, Boston College
    52.Jahan Dotson WR Penn State
    86.Matthew Butler DT Tennessee
    142.Leo Chenal LB Wisconsin
    168.Jamaree SalyerOG Georgia
    199.Josh JobeCB Alabama
    208.Christopher AllenEDGE Alabama
    225.Velus Jones Jr.WR Tennessee
    247.Peyton HendershotTE Indiana

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonbull View Post
    Same thing that happens every year when someone gets me their schedule well ahead of time and I haven't prepared the Master List yet.....(and I mean it happens EVERY year...D'oh!)

    Totally my bad Champ.

    That's OK ... as good as he does at this, he needs to give the rest of us a head start

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonbull View Post
    Unfortunately for ALL of us Three Rookie WR's started their careers with a Touchdown in Week 1 and none of us picked their games!

    Devonta Smith, Ja'Marr Chase and Jaylen Waddle all managed to find paydirt.....and unfortunately none of us capitalized.
    Does that mean a goose egg for Najee's TD? *sniff*
    2013 MNF Executive Champion!

    2022 Final Mock
    1 - Malik Wills, QB, Liberty Kenny Pickett, QB, Pitt
    2 - Travis Jones, NT, Uconn George Pickens, WR, UGa
    3 - Jalen Tolbert, WR, USA DeMarvin Leal, DE, TAMU

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelerOfDeVille View Post
    Does that mean a goose egg for Najee's TD? *sniff*
    Not at all my friend!

    Kadarius Toney is the last WR available for bonus points and will pick up 5 points if he scores a TD this season.

    Najee Harris was the FIRST Rookie RB to score a TD this season and will toss 25 points to those that picked the Steelers game this week.


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    Week 2

    Starlifter - 75
    Flippy - 75
    Pfelix73 - 75
    Lonbull - 70
    Papillion - 65
    NBC - 65
    ESPN - 60
    SteelersofDeville - 55
    Whatever - 55
    Jooser - 45
    Buzz - 40
    MeetJoeGreene - 30
    Ghost - 30
    Passhappy - 15

    Sunday Night Football supplied the best game of the week with the Chiefs v. Ravens 1 point finale. Papillion, Starlifter, Flippy, Pfelix73, and of course NBC applied 60 points to their Week 1 scores and shuffled the board.

    However our leader in Week 2 (for all of 24 hours until he figured out basic math) Lonbull needed all the rookie help he could get in his Raiders v. Steelers selection as both Pressley Harvin III pinned the Raiders inside the 5 for the first time in his career and of course Najee Harris became the 1st Rookie Running Back to score a Touchdown.....

    (Personally speaking I was yelling and dancing in my living room with this score......obviously felt much different at the end of the game).

    Jooser, SteelerofDeville, and Whatever also enjoyed the Steelers putting up Rookie Bonuses!

    With the help of Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones each putting up 4 Touchdowns apiece --- ESPN is calling out from El Barrio......VIVA La Monday Night Football!!

    Week 1 Leader Ghost was the first (and only) MNF Exec to visit the Goose Egg Lounge this week/year....I hear it was Country and Western night.....(**I'm not poking fun at Ghost....I just like to add a little sex appeal to this game).

    Looking ahead -- (this time scored correctly) -- Starlifter, Pfelix73 and Flippy all have different games and will be looking to take the top spot this week!

    Second Place Lonbull -- will also be looking to grab the top spot....immediately after returning to grade school and learning basic math....again.

    Meanwhile Lonbull (along with Buzz and Week 1 leader Ghost) will be hoping the Seahawks and Vikings continue to put up big points and keep their game close.

    Good luck this week - your leaders are in RED

    Week 3

    Seahawks v. Vikings – Lonbull, Buzz, Ghost
    Steelers v. Bengals – Passhappy, SteelersofDeville, Whatever
    Packers v. 49ers – Papillion, Flippy, NBC
    Falcons v. Giants – MJG
    Buccaneers v. Rams – Starlifter
    Chargers v. Chiefs – Jooser
    Washington v. Buffalo – Pfelix73
    Eagles v. Cowboys – ESPN
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    Gentleman (I don't think we have any ladies this year??) -- I committed an error -- and the result from the replay booth has awarded Papillion, Starlifter, Flippy, Pfelix73 and NBC --- 15 additional points (they actually deserved them all along) and a


    The score for Week 2 should now be correct.


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    Excellent. Saved me from hiring cyber ninjas now that they’re done in Maricopa County…

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    Wow! I should get some nice points this week. Game finished within 7, final TD within a minute, and Herbert had 4 TD's! Wooooo! (Mahomes only had 3)

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    Why the hell did I take Wash vs Buff last week? what was I thinking? Doh.
    6- Time Super Bowl Champions......

    2012 MNF Executive Champion

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    Week 3

    Flippy - 135
    Jooser - 130
    Papillion - 125
    NBC - 125
    Pfelix73 - 105
    SteelersofDeville - 100
    Whatever - 100
    Starlifter - 90
    Lonbull - 75
    MeetJoeGreene - 75
    ESPN - 65
    Passhappy - 60
    Buzz - 45
    Ghost - 35

    2007 Champion Flippy claimed the top spot this week with the Packers v. 49ers, 2 point victory served up with a "walk-off" field goal at the end of the game.....Flippy (along with Papillion and NBC) also picked up a sweet 15 point Rookie bonus as Trey Sermon leapt into the endzone.

    However it was the 2019 Champion (not so average) Jooser who had the weekly high score of 85 points all to himself with the thrilling Chargers v. Chiefs game at Arrowhead. Herbert dealt 4 TD's in this game and his final one was the game winner with 32 seconds left in the game.

    Flippy and Jooser will each pick up 10 additional points so long as Tom Brady starts the game -- Papillion has the Browns v. Vikings game all to himself and will be 20 points behind at kickoff......a big enough game and we may have a new leader on the board!

    I'm a little surprised that no one "bit" on the Corey Davis Titans revenge game.....but perhaps I didn't offer enough of an incentive for that game.

    I am little surprised that 6 MNF Execs have decided to break out on their own games, no bonuses on the board, and roll the dice for a much bigger game.

    This could definitely be a "big" week for the right Exec!!

    Good luck this week - your leader is in Steelers GOLD!

    Week 4

    Buccaneers v. Patriots (+10) Flippy, Passhappy, Lonbull, MJG, Jooser, Ghost, Whatever, NBC
    Browns v. Vikings Papillion
    Seahawks v. 49ers - Buzz
    Raiders v. Chargers Starlifter, ESPN
    Steelers v. Packers SteelersofDeville
    Cardinals v. Rams Pfelix73


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