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I just hope the Wr's and Ebron are working on their drops... Remember last last year where the team was plaqued with the dropsies?

Also remember when Radio commented that the reason for all the drops, was because of Ben lolololololololol...That still might be the funniest **** I EVER read!!!!!!! But , He's not a Ben hater!
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Maybe they hired special coaches to teach them to drop more. What do you think they do every year...dumb attempt to find negatives.

I think you will find the majority of the board values feltdizz's comments over the stuff you post that most of the time is a oneline shot with nothing to support it.
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meaning if his post came after a bad game by edmunds
it was supposedly after a bad play in a game but like usual, the actual mistake was by another player.

Not sure why it matters when it was said…