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This is a fantastic idea.
EVEN IF Kendrick becomes a solid or even a really good center he has fullback speed.

Why not have JC at center with Kendrick at fullback in short yardage?

Dude goes from a "small" center to the most biggest and most powerful fullback in the league by far.

I emphasize why not do that EVEN IF Kendrick remains starting center normally?

Don't even need a real fullback, opening up a roster spot.

That makes "the other" Watt and his too high salary expendable.

Now that TJ is locked up ...paying Derrick has served its purpose.
This would be hilarious!

Sell it to him like we'll give him no fewer than 2 goal line carries every season. You know those linemen all secretly want to score a TD in their NFL careers.

WTF, give it to him on 4th an short. It's better than throwing it 5 yards behind the LoS.