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Thread: Canada's Offense

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post
    That's a good point dizz. Canada is not saying there won't be changes. He is saying the QB will be comfortable with what they do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post
    That's a good point dizz. Canada is not saying there won't be changes. He is saying the QB will be comfortable with what they do.
    I think this is true and not surprising.

    But I think we know that the QB hasn't been too comfortable with several things Canada seems to like:
    - motion
    - play action
    - passing plays under center (although maybe pistol will work)

    Maybe Canada can craft things like this in a way that Ben does like. And maybe the failure at the end of last season will motivate Ben to do some things that are outside of his comfort zone too.

    Like everything at this time of year, we just have to wait and see what happens.

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    Matt Canada's comments about Ben Roethlisberger are being misinterpreted

    By Alex Reimer

    Matt Canada was hired to diversify and innovate the Steelers’ staid shotgun-centric offense. But he can’t do that without a strong working relationship with Ben Roethlisberger.

    With that in mind, Canada’s comments Tuesday about being deferential to the future Hall of Fame quarterback are being taken out of context.

    In a session with reporters, including the Fan's Josh Rowntree, Canada, who’s spent 15 years as an offensive coordinator in college football, said Roethlisberger would run the offense. “We’re gonna do what Ben wants to do and how Ben wants to do it,” he said. “Our job is getting every player in position to make plays. There are changes with terminology. That’s an adjustment for Ben. He’s been great in learning it. Doing really well with it. He has adapted easily as we all knew we would.”

    The first sentence of Canada’s remarks — “we’re gonna do what Ben wants to do” — are understandably getting a lot of play. Indeed, it would be a mistake for the Steelers to solely entrust Roethlisberger with the offense, considering he’s 39 years old and coming off a dismal finish. He threw 10 interceptions in his last seven games, including four against the Browns in the Wild Card Round.

    But Canada didn’t indicate he’s going to hand over his playbook to Big Ben. Two sentences later, Canada acknowledged Roethlisberger will have to adjust to the “changes in terminology.”

    That doesn’t sound like allowing Roethlisberger to do whatever he wants. In fact, Roethlisberger admitted earlier this month it’s been difficult making some adjustments.

    “It’s definitely harder when all of a sudden something looks the exact same but it’s called something completely different," Roethlisberger told reporters June 1. “It’s a big challenge but that’s the game of football; learning new things and new challenges. Coach Canada’s offense is one that hopefully will be a good one. We need to execute the plays that he calls and hopefully we’ll be better than we were last year.”

    Make no mistake: Canada runs a much different offense than what Pittsburgh deployed last season. Pro Football Focus published the numbers Monday, and they’re eye-opening. Canada’s last college offense, the 2018 Maryland Terrapins, ranked 117th in the country when it came to lining up in shotgun. The Steelers, meanwhile played in shotgun at the fourth-highest rate in the NFL.

    If this partnership is going to work, there will probably have to be some compromises. Still, Canada was clear he’s been implementing a more up-tempo style of play.

    "We would certainly continue to use tempo, and use the things that Ben is very good at to let the offense be the most productive it can possibly be," Canada told reporters. "There are changes with terminology and how we are calling things, which has been a challenge for Ben, but he has been great at learning it. I don't have any concern about Ben doing anything we want him to do.”

    Hmm, so now it’s Roethlisberger doing what they want him to do. More than anything, Canada seems to be saying he’s trying to fuse Roethlisberger’s strengths with his scheme.

    That’s good coaching, not acquiescence. While it’s in vogue to rip Roethlisberger, let’s remember: He has a stellar 17-year NFL track record.

    The Steelers aren’t just resting on that, however. In an obvious attempt to beef up the running game, they drafted Najee Harris in the first round. Kevin Colbert wouldn’t have selected Harris if he planned to merely use him as a complimentary option.

    And he probably wouldn’t have named Canada his new offensive coordinator if the plan was to keep allowing Roethlisberger to blindly chuck it. Canada’s comments right now are part of the verbal dance. His play calls will speak louder than his words.
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    meh.. terminology is whatever if its the same damn thing.

    That seems like a waste of time but if that is what the young players are used to hearing it makes sense.

    but as far as play design and play calling, we will have to wait and see.
    Tomlin’s coming back so what can you do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BURGH86STEEL View Post
    You asked the question and I gave you some answers. I am not disappointed because I can see some of the positives and have optimism for the team. There are also negatives associated with bring Ben back. I recognize some of the negatives. I choose to be optimistic and positive. For the simple fact that I can't do anything about the decision making of the organization. That being said, the factors that I can control are my emotions and point of view.

    You can be pessimistic and negative. Fair deal?

    How did last season work out? The team went on an 11 game winning streak to start the season. No one believe that would happen. The team fell short for several reasons. That's sports.

    why are you quoting me? I asked this particular poster the question...that's why i quoted him
    i agree with your opine.

    i didn't take a negative view on wht canada said.

    some (as usual) spun it in a negative way towards the Qb of the team.

    maybe you should quote and address him
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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post
    I was actually hoping they would move on from Roethlisberger and take the cap hit this season. I've said before, Roethlisberger will win regular season games.

    I actually have similar thought about the defense. built with exclusively high draft picks, but always seem to disappoint in the playoffs. get "fat' in the regular season vs. some medicore competition and fall flat on their faces in the post season.

    so, you are disagreeing with what the coach and front office of the team decided upon for the 2021 season.
    ok. thanks for clarifying

    now if Ben plays badly tis year. that would be a pretty big mistake on the coach and FO. correct ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by Northern_Blitz View Post
    Ultimately it will come down to how many / what kind of changes Ben wants to implement.

    He's the franchise QB and the offense we get will be because he agrees to it. I don't think anything will be forced on him.

    After all, he's the one who calls the play in the huddle. And he's said multiple times that he'll call what he wants regardless of what the OC wants to do.

    Hopefully the collapse last year will leave him more open to new ideas.

    If we look at our offense last year through the same lens you're talking about with Tampa, we might come to the conclusion that Canada wants more motion (which we did early in the year), but Ben doesn't like it (so we did less motion later in the year).

    Given that all of the "Matt Canada Offense" stuff that I've seen people post is heavy on motion to confuse defenses, I'm not sure abandoning motion last year screams "successful marriage of what both Ben and Canada like".

    But I'm hopeful that whatever we get will be better than the end of last year. Can't really be worse, right?

    I think several reports have suggested we've been running basically the same offense for multiple OCs. Hopefully Canada can bring something new to the table to make us harder to prepare for.

    Ben doesn't like "motion" ?

    do you have a link to where you saw that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post

    Maybe he didn’t want to bring him back but Colbert and Rooney did?

    you think a head coach with his tenure doesn't wield enough power in the organization to tell the FO he doesn't want a 38 year old QB ,someone 1 year away from major surgery?

    that's pretty intresting

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    At the end of the day the person in charge of the Steelers probably wanted to get something out of Ben for the money they paid him/money counted towards the salary cap. There are a number of other reasons why they organization welcomed Ben back. Just like there would be a number of reasons if the organization didn't welcome Ben back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ-STEELER View Post
    Ben doesn't like "motion" ?

    do you have a link to where you saw that?
    What we know is that (1) Canada came in; (2) we did lots of motion at the beginning of the year; and (3) not so much motion at the end of the year.

    I said that if the Steelers followed the same type of arc as NC was talking about with the Pats, it suggests that Ben doesn't like motion.

    Just like how we haven't used much motion in the past suggests Ben doesn't like motion.

    And it wasn't necessary when we had AB, who didn't need trickery to get open.

    Reduction in motion throughout games and over the season shown here:

    During the winning streak to start the season and in the last six games there were changes as well. The scripted plays increased in pre-snap movement by 20% but after the first 15 plays the number took quite a dip
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