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Thread: Bosa deals sets standard for JT?

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    I'd love to keep the guy but nowhere near that kinda dough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steeler_fan_in_t.o. View Post
    I'd love to keep the guy but nowhere near that kinda dough.
    Thats a lot of money.

    I’m all for a player getting paid on his first real contract but over $100 mill for anyone not playing QB is risky business.

    If not for Covid I imagine the cap would rise dramatically the next few years but now? I think we have to move on from Ben for that type of contract and honestly, it’s almost that time anyway based on Bens age.

    Have we ever had two $100 million dollar contracts at the same time?
    Tomlinís coming back so what can you do?

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    I've never seen such a collection of group bi-polarism than this board.

    For years, this board complained about the defense. We build a great defense now we want to let one of the top 2 players leave and not pay market.

    For years, we tried to get a great pass rushing OLB. We missed for over half a decade and we get JT and now that he proves he is the real deal some want to let him walk and "hope" we get a replacement as good.

    Crazy place


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