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Thread: Will Steelers use cardboard fans?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eich View Post
    That is just weird!

    I saw that Fox is looking at digitally adding in a crowd. That makes much more sense than cardboard. LOL.
    It's pretty hillarious.

    Like a real live Madden '92 or something.

    Can't see something like this sticking around when they could tarp over those seats with advertising.
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    Quote Originally Posted by steeler_george View Post
    On second thought, I can just imagine how ugly the crowd might be...

    hung over, in their underwear, picking nose, sctraching nuts, and i can just imagine even worst....
    And that's just the women!

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    Quote Originally Posted by whisper View Post
    And that's just the women!

    But I could imagine a time where digitally inserting fans from home could be done. Of course, they'd have to digitally make us all "decent". But having an avatar in the stands is kind've interesting! Find a way to combine all the audio from fans and pump it through the audio system of the stadium.


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