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Thread: Umm, Really??

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    Ben hasn’t taken big shots in a long time. Not sure why everyone keeps talking like he is still playing like his first few years.

    While I’m not a fan of paying big money at this age I also don’t think health or age are the biggest concerns. For me it’s how good he plays once he returns. If he is healthy but we win 8 games and miss the playoffs I think it’s time to move on. We can be mediocre on the cheap.

    If he plays well and we win 12 games then we keep him even if we don’t make a deep run in the playoffs.

    If this elbow injury was reoccurring I would definitely be against it.
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    as with all of us, our skills diminish over time but are offset by the experience we accrue. No different for QB's. There's no denying ben's experience and understanding of the game. If his elbow has healed and he can still perform at a high level, even if less than in his youth - with the knowledge he has accrued the smart bet is to ride him for a few more years.

    but if his elbow goes again...............

    personally, I think he will be strong this year and make a compelling case for another 3-4 years as the starter. Of course it helps that no one took advantage of last year to make him sweat a bit.

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