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Thread: Colin Cowherd crushes Steelers today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steel Maniac View Post
    Unfortunately, your right. The reward was worth it. Look at the Astros; they will still be called world champs 10 years from now for what they did in 2017. Baseball didnít have the nuts to strip them of the championship so all the cheating was worth it to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eich View Post
    I have never understood some of the vitriol for Tomlin on ......
    You had me at THIS.

    Beyond that the specifics don't really matter so I'm never surprised.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel View Post
    this statement speaks to your own personal lack of ethics and values.

    how they actually will be remembered:

    basically. everyone I know who isnít a fan of the Pats brings up cheating at some point when discussing them.
    Tomlinís coming back so what can you do?


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