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    Myron rolle

    Nice article in the Boston Globe today about Rolle who was with the Steelers in 2011 or 2012. After a year at Oxford and then Med School he is now a neurosurgery resident at Mass General hospital. Not doing neurosurgery right now , but working in the virus " surge clinic " waiting for the influx of patients. Hats off to all of those guys and the nurses!!

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    That's awesome.
    To be that athletically gifted, driven and that smart puts him in a very elite group of human beings.
    In the last decade, 25% of the league has won a super bowl(the Steelers aren't one of them) and 25% have as many or more playoff wins as the Steelers.

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    hats off !

    wasnt he a safety?
    ďIím so tired of LeíVeon," DeCastro told reporters (h/t ESPN's Jeremy Fowler ([url][/url])) after Sunday's game. "Iím so tired of it. Letís just worry about the guys in here. I know you guys have stories to write and what not. I love LeíVeon, but we gotta worry about the guys in here. Theyíre the only people that matter to me."

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    I remember him well. Very smart dude. Rhodes Scholar.

    Hats off to him!

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    Somehow neurosurgeon and football player seem oxymoronic.

    Hope he has the hands and touch for that delicate work.

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    Good for him. That Rolle family was a pretty special bunch.


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