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Thread: The Final 4 Games - Predictions?

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    The Final 4 Games - Predictions?

    How do you see us finishing the final 4 games? The safest bet is probably 2-2.

    Let's look at it game by game:

    @ Arizona - They just got trounced by the Rams after a bye week. Seems like they're going to be fired up at home to get back on track. And if you look at the games they've lost, they've generally been competitive with some good opponents. No cake walk schedule. It's always hard traveling west and this week makes me a little nervous. AZ isn't as bad as their record.

    vs Buffalo - Seems like Buffalo has done well this year but had a pretty easy schedule. I like this game at home, at night, and feel like this is very winnable. But it'll be a close game. Not to be overlooked, they play Baltimore the week before us. So will they be physically beat up? Or will they have lost and be playing for their playoff lives and uber focused to bounce back against us? Either way I don't think Buffalo is as good their record.

    @ Jets - Another team playing Baltimore the week before they play us. In a way I kinda like that. Baltimore is typically physical and will be a tough game for just about everyone. In general, I think this is another team who's played an easy schedule and it worse than their 4-8 record. But they're also a lot like us. Good D and an awful O. But they've done it against a weak schedule, so I'm probably most confident about this game.

    @ Baltimore - I think Baltimore and NE are going to enter the final week at 13-2 and Baltimore is going to be playing for HFA. But I'm not sure Baltimore wants HFA. Why? Because if we sneak into the playoffs and win our first game, we're heading to Baltimore again and I think we're their biggest threat in the playoffs. It'd be in their best interest to have us going to Foxboro and hopefully getting beat by NE. Not that they want to go play a road game in NE, but whatever, they matchup well against them. But that's too conspiracy theory for the Ravens. If it was NE, they'd probably tank against us, but Baltimore will give us their all. And it's probably a game that will come down to either 3 points either way or we'll lose by 40.

    All in all. Every game is winnable. And every game is losable. The cool part is it's feeling like these remaining 4 games are going to feel a lot like playoff football.

    Who's ready????

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    Since we're tied with Tenn at 7-5 here is their last 4:

    Tenn @ Oak
    Houston @ Tenn
    New O @ Tenn
    Tenn @ Houston

    Whoever gets to 10-6 I have to believe takes it. Don't see anyone who is 6-6 ( Indi or Oak) running the table so imho it's us or the Titans for the 6 seed.

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    I'm REALLY surprised and thrilled that we're entering these final 4 games with a chance to make the playoffs. With the enormous losses on offense, I never would have imagined. It's nice to be looking forward to games at this point in the season.

    I agree with your safe bet. 2-2 is my prediction, finishing 9-7. But I'm really hopeful for 10-6. That would be quite an accomplishment for this season.

    I'd love to see Duck get hot. His confidence is infectious.

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    I think we get to 9 and not 10, hoping for tie breakers to make the playoffs.

    Lots of nail biting in our future IMO.
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    I’m remarkably calm. I think we beat the cards and the jets. The bills are a tossup. The rats seem unlikely but it’s a division game so why not?

    This season has been a total cluster and mystery wrapped together so I’m going all in. 4-0 to finish. 11-5 as the 5 seed. Tomlin wins COTY. We play chiefs first round and end their season again.

    Who ride??? We ride!!!

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    3-1 over the final 4, 10-6 overall, wherever that seeds them in the playoffs. The loss may not be to the Ravens.


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    I love how these last few weeks have shaped up. But the Cardinals or Jets is the exact type of game that bites us in the azz year in and year out (usually the raiders). The Jets have allowed two of the worst teams their 1st wins of the season (Dolphins and Bungles), so I'm going to say we blow that one (the least expected one), lol. Then we miraculously win the other 3.

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    AZ and Jets concern me because they are unpredictable.

    They play terrible but then will turn around and play SF tough in both games.

    The Jets are bad but every so often they put it together. Not sure how they beat the Cowboys but then again that Cowboys team does everything but score TD’s because they keep trying to throw in the red zone instead of running Zeke.

    I think we beat the Bills and the Baltimore game is a toss up. I could see us going 4-0 but think 3-1 is more realistic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northern_Blitz View Post
    I think we get to 9 and not 10, hoping for tie breakers to make the playoffs.

    Lots of nail biting in our future IMO.
    This is where i am. I'd love 10 (with the only loss being to the Ravens) however, Buffalo could be a problem. Expect wins in the other 2 games...
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelerOfDeVille View Post
    This is where i am. I'd love 10 (with the only loss being to the Ravens) however, Buffalo could be a problem. Expect wins in the other 2 games...
    We will get the Bills. This D is going to force 2 or 3 turnovers and have him running for his life.


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