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    Pittsburgh finished it

    Pittsburgh finished it


    Pittsburgh finished it.

    An even better t-shirt might say something like this:

    Joe Haden finished it.

    The former Brown finished the Cleveland Browns, so it was only fitting.

    The Steelers rallied to beat the Browns, 20-13, in what loomed as a potentially volatile rematch of a game in Cleveland two weeks ago that ended in an ugly melee.

    The Browns won that game, and for some odd reason wanted to blame the loss of their madman linebacker, Myles Garrett, on Mason Rudolph, and thus the "Pittsburgh started it" t-shirt worn in public by Browns Coach Freddie Kitchens.

    The Browns jumped out to a 10-0 lead, while the Steelers and their practice squad offense had gained 18 yards. They were facing a third-and-9 from their own 18 on their third possession and looked dead in the water.

    But Duck Hodges took advantage of an offside Browns defender and heaved the ball to James Washington for a 31-yard gain. All of the sudden, the Steelers were showing life.

    "It sparked the offense," said Washington. "It got us all going. Then after that we got Diontae (Johnsom) with the run he had. From there on we were just hitting on all cylinders."

    The Steelers scored the game's next 20 points as the defense held Baker Mayfield and the explosive Browns playmakers to three points.

    “We just wanted to hang in there,” said Bud Dupree. “Don’t blink, keep going. Coach Tomlin always tells us not to blink. We knew what we were messing up on. It would’ve been different if we just couldn’t stop them at all, but we knew what we were messing up on. We were out of place in the gaps and letting people run free, communication issues, all the stuff we shouldn’t have been doing.”

    By not blinking, and trusting in Hodges, the Steelers held a 20-13 lead when Jordan Berry punted into the end zone. It gave the Browns the ball at their 20 with 1:45 remaining, more than enough time for a team with such an expensive offense.

    Here’s how the final series broke down:

    * On the first play, Mayfield threw over the middle to Jarvis Landry. It was a bit behind Landry and Minkah Fitzpatrick broke it up. But he knew he could have – should have – intercepted the pass.

    * On second down, Dupree came roaring around the blind side. "I got outside and came free," Dupree said. "Mayfield still had the ball so I sped up and hit him to the side. I thought it was a clean hit."

    It was.

    But then it wasn't.

    Referee Clay Martin continued his poor day by flagging Dupree for roughing the passer. Did he explain to Dupree what he had done wrong?

    "I didn't even ask," Dupree said. "I put my head on the side, so I don't even know why they called it."

    "I think he just hit him too hard," said Vince Williams. "Really."

    Dupree said he wasn't concerned about the Browns being gifted a first down at the 35, "because I was going to try to do the same thing next play."

    The next play was a quick 5-yard completion to the Cleveland 40, and the Browns had 1:17 left.

    * On the third key defensive play of the final Browns possession, Mayfield evaded pressure but overthrew Landry.

    Haden, playing as a pseudo safety in a cover-3, dove for the interception to seal the win that virtually knocked one of the most publicized teams of the offseason, a team that thought it was finally a winning team, to 5-7 and into the back end of the chase for the final AFC playoff spot.

    Haden, who was released by the Browns prior to the 2017 season, couldn't think of a better ending to the script.

    "No, I honestly couldn't," he said. "I'm very excited about it."

    Last week, Haden missed two chances for interceptions to close out the win over the Cincinnati Bengals, so he stayed late after practices to work on the JUGS machine, so that "if the ball came to me, I was going to be able to catch it."

    And he did.

    Was it sweeter being able to all but mathematically put an end the Browns’ playoff chances?

    “I was there for a while, so you want to get back at them," Haden said. "But for the bigger picture, I'm just excited for my team, for my guys. We went down to Cleveland and they got us out of the way, and when you're playing against division opponents you always want to get those wins. I'm just very, very excited I was able to catch the ball."

    And finish the Browns.
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    The NFL wanted the Browns to own that 6th seed ..... the "False Start" on Duck, then the BS review on a downed ball at the 1 and then the BS call on Dupree.
    Pittsburgh Overcame
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...!!!


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