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Thread: I was wrong about Tomlin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    Wins against terrible teams and missed fgs, injuries, favorable officiating and a defense playing lights out scoring.
    All the breaks going in our favor.
    Not sure where Tomlin's fans can say he's coaching his best ever, and if so, where was this coaching most all the previous years and playoffs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel View Post
    Bruhhhhh..... lmao

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    Upon Further Review: Mike Tomlin makes NFL coach of the year case by defying odds with Steelers

    Mike Jones

    The scrutiny was already there — the byproducts of fallouts with two of the franchise’s biggest stars and a late-season meltdown that cost the Pittsburgh Steelers a trip to the postseason. And the questions of his leadership ability had only intensified as Mike Tomlin and his squad stumbled to an 0-2 start to the season.

    Then the pressure ramped up even further with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger lost for the year and Tomlin expected to somehow keep the team afloat.

    But the Steelers coach never batted an eye. Exhibiting the same fortitude he demands of his players, Tomlin by now should have erased any questions about his coaching and leadership capabilities. In fact, this season just might rank among his most impressive bodies of work.

    With three weeks left in the season and his Steelers still very much in the playoff picture while coming off of yet another impressive victory, Tomlin is making a strong case for coach of the year honors.

    The Steelers entered the season needing Roethlisberger to carry an offense that had lost significant firepower following the loss of Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. But they also required excellent play from their quarterback because their defense was in the midst of a rebuild as young additions acclimated themselves to the NFL and grew into their roles.

    Tomlin then had to alter approaches following Roethlisberger’s season-ending elbow injury. He had little choice but to turn to second-year pro Mason Rudolph sooner than desired. Meanwhile, he worked to expedite the development of a cast of young defensive players while challenging them to carry the team with the offense handicapped.

    Tomlin’s plan has worked, as young stars like Devin Bush and T.J. Watt have emerged as bona fide playmakers. The in-season addition of safety Minkah Fitzpatrick has fortified the secondary. Meanwhile, the Steelers lead the league both in takeaways and sacks and rank sixth in the league in total defense (310.9 yards allowed per game) and points allowed (18.6 per game).

    A defensive backing like that has enabled the Steelers to remain competitive despite having to shift to Plan B and now Plan C (undrafted rookie Devlin Hodges) options at quarterback and while the offense compensates for the injury woes of running back James Conner and wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster.

    The Steelers certainly haven’t been perfect. Rudolph’s turnover woes cost him his job, and Tomlin’s willingness to take risks has subjected him to criticism.

    However, his results in the face of this season’s adversity make it hard to deny his effectiveness as a coach and leader. Kyle Shanahan, Matt LaFleur, John Harbaugh and Sean Payton certainly deserve consideration for coach of the year as well, but few coaches could have produced the results Tomlin has this season.

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    Definitely hasn't been a good season for Tomlin is a bad coach, Tomlin haters, and the fire Tomlin crowd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BURGH86STEEL View Post
    Definitely hasn't been a good season for Tomlin is a bad coach, Tomlin haters, and the fire Tomlin crowd.
    it started out well for them...

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    I've been critical of Tomlin the past few years, but I don't see how anyone could deny that he's done a great job this season. After losing our franchise QB for the season & starting 0-3, how many thought we would be 8-5 and in play for the #5 playoff position? Flat amazing, and he needs to get a large share of the credit.

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    It's all relative. The Depot asked a good question, if Roethlisberger was playing, would you be happy with an 8-5 record with the other offensive players out?

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    I really haven't changed my opinion on him. I just don't see how his success this season somehow translates to or equals success in the post season. It's his post season performance that many question. I would say even his most strident critics acknowledge he's a players coach, excellent motivator, rally around the flag leader etc. I've said in other threads the hurdles placed in front of him this year are tailor made for his coaching style. If he got COTY - I wouldn't object.

    But I don't think you can look at this years success and somehow draw the conclusion that his failures in previous years were a fluke or an aberration. this is a season that has played to his strengths. Previous post season appearances have illustrated his deficiencies in my opinion.

    All that being said, if he took THIS team deep into the playoffs - I would be hard pressed not to say I've been wrong. I would enjoy having the opportunity to eat that crow.

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    So what about the Tomlin lovers that said he did a great job all the previous years. Why no coty then?
    As I've said before. Win something other than regular season.
    1 win against an above 500 team and wins against 7 terrible teams doesn't impress me that much.
    Let's see a deep playoff run and I'll give him some credit.

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    The simple fact is that few coaches in the NFL could meet your standard of post season victories year after year.
    The top 5 coaches:

    5. Noll = 16 wins =0.667 - 4 SBs
    4. Gibbs = 17 wins =0.708 - 3 SBs
    3. Shula = 19 wins =0.528 - 2 SBs
    2. Landry = 20 wins =0.556 - 2 SBs
    1. Belichick = 20 wins =0.690 - 3 SBs

    Notice anything about this list? Other than BB, all are pre-free agency coaches.


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