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Thread: How Good Can TJ Watt Be?

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    How Good Can TJ Watt Be?

    He's on pace statistically to hit or surpass all of James Harrison's numbers in hi MVP season except tackles where TJ is only on pace for about half.

    One area that he is crushing Harrison is in QB hits where he's on pace for about 40 which is more than double James' average.

    TJ's going to need a monster second half of the season to put up numbers like his brother JJ who got more tackles, more TFL, more sacks, and more QB hits consistently than Harrison. But I'm not sure it's out of the question, TJ could surpass all of his brother's numbers.

    Wherever TJ lands, it's becoming clear that he can be DMVP. As long as Minkah doesn't keep making splash plays at his current pace

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    He can be an 20+ sack guy, but as I stated in another thread we need someone opposite him to play at the level Dupree is at now.

    If not his numbers will drop

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    TJ Watt Named AFC Defensive Player of the Month


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