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Thread: More Bad Snaps for Pouncey

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    Was starting to wonder if he was on the take

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    IIRC, he had lingering back issues - all of last season.

    Back issues don't really go away, and in fact, usually just get worse.

    I could easily see his back being a problem and causing him to adjust his alignment.

    Just a thought

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    I don't know what is going on with Pouncey. I'm sure Rudolph has enough to think about besides having to worry about the snap.
    As many on this site think ... The Rooney's suck, Colbert sucks, Tomlin sucks, the coaches suck, and the players suck.

    but Go Steelers!!!

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    Sometimes Pouncey plays a game where you say “that’s why he’s an All-Pro”. Just doesn’t feel like that happens as much anymore. I like his leadership, but I’d really love to have Tyler Biadiascz of Wisconsin fall to us in round 2. He could replace Foster year one and Pouncey in a few years. I like Finney but he’s just going to become an expensive backup, cause he’s just not good enough to be a real starter.


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