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Thread: OL- shuffle

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    OL- shuffle

    I am surprised no one has mentioned this.

    There have been numerous reports that there are some changes in store for the OL this week.

    Feiler to replace Foster's G spot, who was filled in by Finnley. Chuck O. to play RT. ( sounds funny reading that huh?)

    Few questions about this...

    1) Is Foster done? Even before his concussion, the OL fared ok in pass protection, but it seemed to have no push in the running game.

    2) Fennly may not be the answer in starting in place of Foster. Again, it appeared that we had no push inside against the Colts. I am no expert or one to review games, but it looks like something was lacking during the game in the inside. Maybe they want him back as being the top reserve for the inside, a role where they want him to have. It allows Feiler, reportedly the strongest OL player, to take over and provide more smash mouth downhill run blocking. If it wasn't for Ben pushing for Foster back, maybe we would of been content on haveing Feiler at G and Chucks at RT.

    3) Is it a game plan against Donald? Sounds silly huh.

    4) Has Chuck's time come to prove he is starter material? Maybe he has impressed the coaches in practice.

    5) Is Fennly going to sneak in as FB on some plays?

    Did anyone notice any sprinkles of the this last week. Did Feiler play any G or did Chuck play any RT last week or previous weeks?

    I like these moves, it shows that our coaching staff is being super aggressive this year in making us better. Hell yeah, there is a lot f risk involved as well shifting 2 players on OL. But then again, the shift was made last week when Foster was out. Is this the sign of the times, next years OL when Foster is done.

    Ladies your thoughts...
    ďIím so tired of LeíVeon," DeCastro told reporters (h/t ESPN's Jeremy Fowler ([url][/url])) after Sunday's game. "Iím so tired of it. Letís just worry about the guys in here. I know you guys have stories to write and what not. I love LeíVeon, but we gotta worry about the guys in here. Theyíre the only people that matter to me."

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    Feiler at G n Chucks at either T was seen at camp all the time. So far this season no I don't recall seeing Feiler inside. He played some inside in the past I'm kind of sure. Foster was not having his best year prior to the concussion. I'm beating the horse to death but Fred Johnson should never have been cut. All that said I'm fine with the changes for today kicking Feiler inside. Plenty of reps there at Latrobe. Of course those reps weren't against Aaron Donald.

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    It didn't help the run game that the RBs picked the wrong hole several times. Gotta follow the blocking.

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    Our Oline has been stellar in pass protection this year.
    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    Maybe the assumed B.J.Finney as Fosters air apparent is a tad premature

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    I worry about Donald today and think Feiler could be in trouble. But I get it cause I like Chuks on the outside.

    I do think a bunch of screens/short passes to Samuels and the TEs could help counter the pass rush. I also worry Mason might have to make quicker decisions today.

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    O line made some mistakes. Got beat a few times by AD overall they played above average against a tough front. Rudolph could have gotten ball out quicker a few times but we can't bitch. Ran a bunch of 12 personnel to help with chips n stuff. That helped along with 6 O linemen a few times as well. If we didn't have a host of drops MR #'s would have looked very good.


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