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Thread: DeCastro Fined for being a Peacemaker

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    DeCastro Fined for being a Peacemaker

    Truly ridiculous on the part of the NFL. Guess next time DD is supposed to just walk away and let someone get killed.

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    If there is such a clause in the CBA about "moving forward" if there is a fight there needs to be clause # 2 that if your defusing the matter clause 1 is revoked. Seems like a easy matter in a case by case situation. Someone often other then those in the fight need to become peacemakers to restore order.
    I would dismiss any fine to DD. And imho he kept the situation from being much worse. Case closed!

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    I think DeCastro wasn’t viewed as a peacemaker.

    He’s holding Garrett back which makes it easier for Pouncey to pounce on him.

    If he was holding his own players back he would get the benefit IMO.
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