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Thread: Steelers vs Ravens Predictions

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    Steelers vs Ravens Predictions

    Ravens 36
    Steelers 3

    Ingram runs for 200
    Lamar runs for 100 and passes for 400 and 3 TDs

    Ravens control the clock for 40+ min.

    Steelers O perfect for Ravens D as they put 9 in the box and Mason's short passing game just doesn't produce.

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    I have a bad feeling about this game.

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    Yep, Rich Eisen predicts Rats over the Steelers as his LOCK of the week. We’ll be lucky to score a single point.

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    This team is terrible. I haven't seen this amount of ineptitude since 1988.

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    We look like the most stupid team in the NFL

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    We have no answer for Jackson's running so far.
    We better be the next team to score.

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    It’s early but it sure is ugly.

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    There we go.
    Rudolph can throw it down field

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    Your welcome everyone.

    I benched JuJu on my fantasy team because I figured he'd be fighting injury and we wouldn't throw to him anyway.
    Talent vs coaching: [[url]][/url]

    Steelers vs. Other Teams with good QBs: [... /47985-Steelers-most-successful-failure/page5]

    Tomlin playoff record vs. expectations (Cowher pg24): [... /48742-Rooney-Brown-meeting/page22]

    Tomlin's Las year: [... 49599-Just-sayin?p=778284#post778284]

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    Let’s forget about letting a RB throw. Mason’s got this.


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