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Thread: Do we now have the best young Safety combo in the NFL

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    Davis is history with this trade

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    When both are healthy, Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye with the Jets is a really solid young safety tandem.
    Steeler teams featuring stat-driven, me-first, fantasy-football-darling diva types such as Antonio Brown & Le'Veon Bell won no championships.

    Super Bowl winning Steeler teams were built around a dynamic, in-your-face defense plus blue-collar, hard-hitting, no-nonsense football players on offense such as Hines Ward & Jerome Bettis.

    We don't want Juju & Conner to replace what we lost in Brown & Bell.

    We are counting on Juju & Conner to return us to the glory we once had with Hines & The Bus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    I hate to bring up any positives while so many are swimming in the cesspool of negativity, but we have two really good young Safeties. We haven't had a combo this good since the best days of Troy P and Ryan Clark. I'm excited to see them grow together and better yet, we have them locked in for the next 4 years.

    I have a feeling we are going to see an uptick in INTs.
    I would say they are near the top, i think Edmunds has played well flying around the field.

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    What the hell are you doing Ovi?

    No positives bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sager View Post
    Best potential safety tandem right now. Id say Thomas and Jefferson are the best duo right now. Edmunds can't miss tackles like he has this season. I think he'll get better.

    I hope that Sean Davis isn't left behind with Fitzpatrick now. Big Nickel with Edmunds next to Bush and Davis at SS, Fitz at FS can be an awesome package to throw out and especially with 70% of plays being in subpackages. And if it's a dime then put Fitz on their best slot as a CB, Bush on the back, and Edmunds and Davis back to their SS/FS role. Don't see why Davis needs to be left in the dust.
    Davis is done

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    Edmunds is not as bad as most fans think. Blame Butler for letting offense dictate his defense. There's no reason that Nelson who is a good slot corner does not slide inside on the receiver instead of staying on a TE or a RB. It's his scheme. Or also Edmunds or Davis playing 10 yards off and trying to cover a slot.

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    there was one play in the preseason where edmonds shocked me with how fast he covered ground. then his man coverage on the TD he gave up was really good coverage even though the pass was perfectly placed.

    other than those 2 plays, i've not seen anything great. but i like his athleticism. and his LB brother.

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    Didn't we hear this with Davis and Edmunds?
    Or was it the shark?
    Maybe it was golhson
    Lol...haven't taken a snap together with our scheme but they are the best ....stuff like this kills me...
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    Edmunds has gotten beaten a few times, which is what I suppose most fans look at, but I think he has played overall better. He is leading the team in tackles. I know that is meaningless. But he is getting in on a lot of plays. He athleticism and desire are evident to me. We'll have to wait an see how the newcomer looks, but I think the safety tandem has a lot of possibilities. I don't think too many people touted Davis as being a top player.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie Spaghetti View Post
    Edmunds was supposed to take a big step this year

    I certainly haven't seen that and it's my opinion that his play has been decidedly poor. now you can make the case that's because he has had and injured Sean Davis and a scrub from the AAF alongside of him and I will listen to that argument

    but to call him a "really good" safety at this point in his career is premature
    This is a true and accurate statement.
    From the 2010-2019 season, (A 9 year period that the majority of Cowher's players & coaches had left) Mike Tomlin has only won 3 playoff games. And two of those wins were against back up Quarterbacks.
    Dolphin fans in the 90ís who wanted to hold on to Don Shula for what he did in the 70ís...

    Are the same as Steeler fans (of 2020 ) holding on to Tomlin for what he did in 2008.



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