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Thread: Speaking of rape... sorta

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    My opinion, Roethlisberger just needs to find a better media coach and agent. These days it's all about how you say it. But he also doesn't strike me as a guy that necessarily wants to live in the spotlight so he doesn't put much effort into being media-friendly. Dude literally probably doesn't care because he is rich beyond 99.9999% of us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost View Post

    But worse was that it wasn't even a year later (2010) when the Milledgeville incident went down. That story had some serious holes (and living in GA: I promise that little podunk town DA was DYING to take him to court but admitted in a press conference there wasn't evidence). With that said, the optics on that one were atrocious. Did he learn nothing from only 1 year ago? Why was a famous 28 man in a college town hitting on college girls and trying to get them drunk - super creepy. .
    Kobe's accuser was pretty young too. 19 I believe

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpmpit View Post
    So you don't believe it when AB said for YEARS how fortunate he was to play with a player of Ben's caliber? But you do believe him when it's blatantly obvious he wants to create mega-drama to force his release? And then did it again. Ok. LOL right back at ya.
    there's just as many teammates that have had Ben's back. keisel, heath, pouncey, others on the OL.
    why some choose to listen to what an idiot like AB has to say i'll never understand, especially after all of his shenanigans while with oakland


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