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I know he is a fan favorite and has a great story... But is he a legitimate starting caliber back even in these pass happy times? He is the most awkward looking runner that I have ever seen in a Steelers iniform. Heck, the 275 pound Bus was a smoother runner them Connor. He runs so upright and flat footed with choppy type steps. He's stiff looking and has no fluidity to him. He certainly didn't look very good Sunday night especailly those short yardage plays they desperately needed... Yea he had good company I know.
It worked for Eddie George, why not Conner?

I agree with the crowd here that I think Conner is good enough.

I think we'll see in the next few games though. I think every team we face will focus on taking JuJu out of the game and making us win with other guys. Conner, McDonald, Montcrief, Washington, and everyone else should get plenty of opportunity to prove their worth this season.