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Thread: James Conner Runs Like He Has A Stck Up His Butt

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    James Conner Runs Like He Has A Stck Up His Butt

    I know he is a fan favorite and has a great story... But is he a legitimate starting caliber back even in these pass happy times? He is the most awkward looking runner that I have ever seen in a Steelers iniform. Heck, the 275 pound Bus was a smoother runner them Connor. He runs so upright and flat footed with choppy type steps. He's stiff looking and has no fluidity to him. He certainly didn't look very good Sunday night especailly those short yardage plays they desperately needed... Yea he had good company I know.

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    and Rivers has the bizarrest throwing motion of any NFL QB... but it works. Conner was a probowler last season, he must be doing something right.

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    Not worried about Conner at all. He does run a lil different, but gets yards after contact and puts a hurt on the D.

    I love his style and that game just didn’t unfold in a way that got him enough carries.

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    conner was a pro bowler last year man. C'mon.

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    Connor is the least of my concerns.

    He might not make a ton of guys miss or be as elusive as Bell but he's good enough to get the job done.
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    He's not a picture of eloquence and grace, His style is different...Not a home run hitter, but a very capable back

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    Conner was a pro bowler who didn’t have 1,000 yards on the ground last year. He also had one of the most jerseys sold before playing a down his rookie year.

    He’s a fan favorite and fun to root for but... I’m not sure he is a true #1.

    I like Conner, I really do... but I think folks are blinded by the feel good story.

    IMO Samuels is much smoother and more dynamic in our offense. More fluid, more shifty

    Conner is a bulldozer, a finisher IMO.

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    Conner is one of the most agile backs in the nfl. It's a key strength in his running for Pete's sake.

    He had 970 yards in twelve games started, and 500 receiving yards in twelve games started. In his first year as a starting rb. Let alone the feel good story. While handling the Bell saga with all of the grace you can ask for.
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    Maybe it's not a stick. Maybe it's ABs weewee

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    Come on, wow. The reason he didn’t have a thousand yards rushing is because he missed three full games with an ankle injury.


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