Does anyone else ever feel like we just don't have the talent on our roster that other teams do?

We're not as strong/physical, fast, smart, athletic, etc. compared to our opponents.

Take guys like Switzer and Barron. Both are off the charts slow for their positions and it was really noticeable last night.

Every time I watched our linemen on both sides of the ball, we were getting manhandled or outsmarted. The Pats seemed to be able to plug in guys off the street and easily handle our Dline and Bud. It was such easy work, they were able to focus all their effort on chipping and double teaming TJ all night.

On O, it seemed like every other play we had linemen just standing there watching the Pats tackle someone and make plays. It was like we were playing with 9-10 guys given how often Olinemen were just standing and watching plays and not participating.

Other than James Washington, I'm not sure any of our WRs or TEs could get any separation vs the Pats' DBs.

The only guys on either side of the ball that jumped off the screen as elite athletes in Black and Gold were Watt and Washington. Everyone else, meh. There is clearly a lack of talent on this team and our coaches are in a position of having to make chicken salad out of chicken sh!t unfortunately.

Maybe things will get easier when we don't have to play the Pats every week. But some of the time I was watching last night, I didn't feel like we are an NFL roster of players. The smart arse in my head kept questioning could we even compete with Clemson.