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Thread: Monday Night Football Executive 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
    Pappy choose wisely. Huge score day for him. Well played!

    And, I follow that with the quite possibly the worst game to pick, Miami vs Indianapolis, so my ascension towards the top will be short lived.

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    The referee said that you hit Brian Sipe too hard. Did you hit him too hard?
    I hit him as hard as I could - Jack Lambert

    1.18 - Minkah Fitzpatrick, FS, Alabama
    2.49 -
    4.114 -
    4.117 -
    6.179 -

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    Can I request a perky little blonde to serve me this week?
    Sure his name is Bob .... good luck

    Molon labe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starlifter View Post
    so far - i hate everything about this season.........
    that's why we're all here... thereapy
    2013 MNF Executive Champion!

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    2. Jake Fromm (trade up) - Smart, competitive QB falls to second round. Trade up and get this kid.

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    Week 9:

    Whatever - 350
    Flippy - 290
    ESPN - 285
    Jooser - 285
    PFelix73 - 285
    AZSteelers1989 - 280
    Papillon - 265
    SteelerofDeville - 250
    Tomlinator - 250
    Fordfixer - 250
    Buzz - 240
    Lonbull - 240
    Ghost - 240
    Ruthlessburgher - 235
    NBC - 235
    SteelersTV - 225
    Passhappy - 220
    Starlifter - 190
    MeetJoeGreene - 155

    The weekly high score went to Papillon - with a powerful 75 point pick-up that puts him back in the hunt!

    Eight MNF Execs including our current leader were bailed out of a trip to the Goose Egg Lounge with a special Jordan Howard TD against his former team. If Howard doesn't find paydirt.....could have been a very painful week.

    Looking ahead - Whatever once again leads the weekly favorite choice as he along with 7 other MNF Execs. pick up 10 points at kickoff. Whatever is doing a superb job of grinding away a few points every week -- so no need for a blonde bartender for you......

    But don't look now - the suits from ESPN (who year in and year out have not faired well) COULD very well put some pressure on the current leader as they will be picking up 30 points at kick-off all to themselves -- NBC also is doing very well by earning 25 points of theri own.

    Unfortunately there are 8 MNF Execs who will have to scramble for points.

    Good Luck - Your Leader is in RED!

    Week 10

    Seahawks v. 49ers – (+30) ESPN
    Vikings v. Cowboys – (+25) NBC
    Rams v. Steelers – (+10) Whatever, Jooser, Flippy, SteelerofDeville, Buzz, Lonbull, Ruthlessburgher, AZSteelers1989

    Falcons v. Saints – Starlifter, Tomlinator, MeetJoeGreene, Fordfixer, Ghost
    Lions v. Bears – Passhappy
    Dolphins v. Colts – Papillon
    Chiefs v. Titans – Pfelix73
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    Can you guys tell that I am tanking this season on purpose? I am hoping to lure chadman back to insult me an challenge me to next year... when I will obviously actually try.. and win again.
    Cleveland spelled backwards is DNA Level C
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    Quote Originally Posted by MeetJoeGreene View Post
    Can you guys tell that I am tanking this season on purpose? I am hoping to lure chadman back to insult me an challenge me to next year... when I will obviously actually try.. and win again.


    The referee said that you hit Brian Sipe too hard. Did you hit him too hard?
    I hit him as hard as I could - Jack Lambert

    1.18 - Minkah Fitzpatrick, FS, Alabama
    2.49 -
    4.114 -
    4.117 -
    6.179 -

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    Week 10:

    Whatever - 390
    ESPN - 360
    PFelix73 - 350
    Flippy - 330
    Jooser - 325
    AZSteelers1989 - 320
    Papillon - 295
    SteelerofDeville - 290
    Buzz - 280
    Lonbull - 280
    NBC - 280
    Ruthlessburgher - 275
    SteelersTV - 265
    Tomlinator - 250
    Fordfixer - 250
    Ghost - 240
    Passhappy - 240
    Starlifter - 190
    MeetJoeGreene - 155

    ESPN enjoyed the Weekly high score this week all to themselves with a 75 point Seahawks v. 49ers NFC West potential Championship preview!

    ESPN also moved into 2nd place - however they won't have a Week 17 game - so it will be difficult to earn a trip to the Hall of Champions -- but they have definitely closed some distance to Week in, Week out Leader Whatever.

    2012 MNF Exec. Champion Pfelix73 also made a sizeable jump this week - by enjoying a 65 point bump from the Chiefs v. Titans game -- no record bonus points going into the week but a last minute Touchdown and a 3 point game certainly helped!

    This helps put PFelix73 closer to the top of the pile (or is the best place - the bottom of the pile??)

    5 MNF Execs visited Ye Olde Goose Egg Lounge --- MeetJoeGreene didn't even leave from the week before.....not sure why?

    However - looking ahead MeetJoeGreene will NOT be in the Goose Egg Lounge THIS week as he (along with the Lions-share of the group) are hoping for a close one in the Patriots v. Eagles match-up that gives all of us 10 extra at kickoff.

    Leader Whatever will be working without a bonus at kickoff -- and could be in danger of PFelix73 and ESPN closing in on him.

    Good Luck - Your Leader is in RED!

    Week 11

    Patriots v. Eagles – (+10) Jooser, Flippy, Buzz, MeetJoeGreene, Lonbull, AZSteelers1989, Pfelix73

    Bears v. Rams – Whatever, NBC
    Chiefs v. Chargers – Starlifter, SteelerofDeville, Papillon, Ruthlessburgher, ESPN
    Steelers v. Browns – Tomlinator, Passhappy, Ghost
    Bengals v. Raiders - Fordfixer

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    Week 11:

    Whatever - 405
    PFelix73 - 375
    ESPN - 375
    Flippy - 355
    Jooser - 350
    AZSteelers1989 - 345
    Papillon - 310
    SteelerofDeville - 305
    Buzz - 305
    Lonbull - 305
    NBC - 295
    Ruthlessburgher - 290
    SteelersTV - 285
    Tomlinator - 270
    Fordfixer - 265
    Ghost - 260
    Passhappy - 260
    Starlifter - 205
    MeetJoeGreene - 180

    It was a very modest outing in Week 11 - with the Weekly High Score of 25 points in the Patriots v. Eagles game -- which was chalked up by a consensus of the MNF Execs.

    7 Execs including PFelix73 were able to gain very little ground on Top Dog Whatever.

    Looking ahead - Pfelix73 has the same game as leader Whatever, which picks up a bonus 25 points at kickoff and will most likely keep the two of them safely at the top of the board --- however there is PLENTY of room for a big shake up this week.

    Last week may have been modest - but this upcoming week features three games with a 25 point bonus - and two games with a 15 point bonus.

    Lots of games coming in with solid bonuses could be a week to shake things up!

    Good Luck - Your Leader is in RED!

    Week 12

    Dallas v. Patriots (+25) Whatever, Ghost, PFelix73

    Ravens v. Rams (+25) Jooser, Flippy, SteelerofDeville, ESPN
    Packers v. 49ers (+25) Buzz, Passhappy, Lonbull
    Panthers v. Saints (+15) Tomlinator
    Seahawks v. Eagles (+15) MJG, Ruthlessburgher, NBC

    Steelers v. Bengals Starlifter
    Lions v. Redskins Fordfixer
    Buccaneers v. Atlanta Papillon
    Jaguars v. Titans AZSteeler1989

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    Week 12:

    Whatever - 450
    ESPN - 425
    PFelix73 - 420
    Flippy - 405
    Jooser - 400
    AZSteelers1989 - 360
    SteelerofDeville - 355
    Tomlinator - 340
    Buzz - 330
    Lonbull - 330
    Fordfixer - 330
    NBC - 325
    Ruthlessburgher - 320
    Papillon - 315
    Ghost - 305
    SteelersTV - 300
    Passhappy - 285
    Starlifter - 220
    MeetJoeGreene - 210

    Fordfixer and Tomlinator nabbed the weekly high scores with 70 points each --- Tomlinator chose a NFC South Division battle between the Panthers and Saints - Both QB's threw multiple touchdowns, a close 3 point game.....that was finished off with a Game Winning Field Goal....

    Meanwhile Fordfixer picked up 70 points with a close 3 point game between two garbage teams, that no one wants to watch anymore.....and the game ended with the Starting Quarterback getting his first win and taking selifes with fans......before the game was technically finished.

    It's difficult to believe that these two games put up 70 points each......but....hey, I don't write the rules......oh.....wait.

    Anyway - 70 points is 70 points and Fordfixer and Tomlinator push their way up the board.

    Meanwhile, while ESPN continues to add pressure to Whatever -- however looking forward both Whatever and ESPN are picking up 25 points at kickoff in two different games.

    Unfortunately 14 MNF Execs WON"T be picking up any Record Bonus points this week and may find themselves enjoying a long Thanksgiving Weekend in the Turkey Egg Lounge??

    Hopefully she'll be bartending there as I'll likely be ordering Cranberry Cocktails this weekend.

    Good Luck - Your Leader is in RED!

    Week 13

    Patriots v. Texans – (+25) Whatever, NBC, Passhappy

    Vikings v. Seahawks – (+25) ESPN
    Chargers v. Broncos – Jooser
    Saints v. Falcons – Flippy, Starlifter, Buzz, Ruthlessburgher, AZSteelers1989
    Bears v. Lions – Tomlinator
    Browns v. Steelers – SteelerofDeville, Meetjoegreene, Lonbull, Ghost, PFelix73
    Rams v. Cardinals – Fordfixer
    Buccaneers v. Jaguars – Papillon

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    Week 13:

    Whatever - 500
    Jooser - 470
    ESPN - 465
    PFelix73 - 460
    Flippy - 420
    SteelerofDeville - 395
    AZSteelers1989 - 375
    NBC - 375
    Lonbull - 370
    Tomlinator - 365
    Buzz - 345
    Ghost - 345
    SteelersTV - 340
    Ruthlessburgher - 335
    Passhappy - 335
    Fordfixer - 330
    Papillon - 315
    MeetJoeGreene - 250
    Starlifter - 235

    Taking the Weekly High Score and moving into (not so average) 2nd place is Jooser who picked up 70 points all to himself with the 3 point Drew Lock victory (his first) in the Chargers v. Broncos match-up -- well done Jooser!

    Jooser has positioned himself only 30 points behind the leader Whatever, who has dominated this year's MNF Exec.

    Whatever scored well again this past week with 50 point pick up in the Texas v. Patriots game. With only 3 weeks left in the season -- can anyone really challenge this guy?

    5 Execs - SteelerofDeville, Ghost, PFelix73, Meetjoegreene and yours truly, were basically Saved by the Snell (I'm not proud of myself for that reference)- in the Browns v. Steelers game -- which earned these 5 Execs a respectable 40 points ---- 25 of them because it was Snells first TD.

    Moving forward - really not much to see this upcoming week as all but 5 Execs share the Chiefs v. Patriots game --- including the leader once again - another Week will belong to him at the top spot....with very little time to catch up.

    Good Luck - Your Leader is in RED!

    Week 14

    Chiefs v. Patriots – (+25) Whatever, Jooser, Flippy, Starlifter, Tomlinator, SteelerofDeville, Buzz, MeetJoeGreene, Fordfixer, Lonbull, Ghost, Ruthlessburgher

    Seattle v. Rams – (+15) Papillon, NBC
    Cowboys v. Bears – (+10) AzSteeler1989
    Giants v. Eagles – Passhappy, ESPN
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