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Thread: Where Will It End?!?

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    But you have to admit that part of that is just because the Pats don't do it and they skew all the stats.
    In the Brady/Belechick era, 12 times "not the Patriots" was the SB champion.
    Twelve teams....NONE assisted by paying a top back premium bucks.
    ONE had a high paid elite receiver (M. Harrison) who did not score once in the playoffs and averaged less than 50 yards a game.

    I shall name the elite DBs on those NOT the Patriots teams:
    2002 Rhonde Barber John Lynch....both multi-season all pros
    2005 Troy P
    2006 Bob Sanders
    2008 Troy P
    2009 Darrin Sharper
    2010 C Woodson
    2012 E. Reed
    2013 Sherman/ E Thomas
    1015 Talib/Harris

    Maybe the Rams win last year with a good QB on a rookie deal and an elite RB if they didn't have to play the best dynasty of all time in the SB.
    The game was won 13-3.
    LIKELY the Rams win if the Pats dont pay PREMIUM DOLLARS for the best corner in the NFL who DOMINATED that day.
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    Patriots "SKEW" the stats?
    They PROVE the stats.

    New HOFer Ty Law.....gone in 2005.....drought.
    NINE STRAIGHT SB victories.

    10th season.....grab Revis/ Butler....Pats are back.

    Pats arent perfect.
    You want to know the difference between championship Pat teams and those who fell short?

    BB biggest mistakes:
    1. Getting out bid for Talib who was just turning the "corner" when the Broncs stole him.
    2. Making Butler sit the SB (there is a theory he did it to make a point to ownership)

    Either of those choices different......they would have even more rings.

    Especially, if they had Talib for his prime........scary

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post
    Seems the 'Boys offered a contract to Zeke <Gurley but > Bell. Not sitting well with Zeke.... Jerry ain't happy that he isn't appreciating the offer....

    .. sound familiar?!?!
    Come on Z sign it.
    The more stupid everyone else is the better.

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    Ezekiel Elliott contract: Cowboys' VP Stephen Jones 'very optimistic' as he provides a hint on the current timetable

    Elliott continues to seek a new contract for the Cowboys, working out in Cabo while waiting for a deal

    by Jeff Kerr

    The Dallas Cowboys don't appear to be worried Ezekiel Elliott's holdout will last much longer. With the Cowboys season opener against the New York Giants 15 days away, the clock is ticking for Dallas to get Elliott back into "The Star" and have him suited up for Week 1.

    Cowboys COO and Executive Vice President Stephen Jones is "very optimistic" the team will get a new contract done with Elliott, who is seeking to be one of the highest-paid running backs in football.

    "We feel confident things will get done," Jones said on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas Friday. "Things happen real quick, sometimes within hours."

    Jones also admitted both sides aren't close because "there's not a lot of activity," giving some bad news regarding the Elliott contract situation. This comes on the heels of ESPN NFL writer Ed Werder's report that Dallas offered Elliott a contract that would make him the second-highest paid running back in the NFL.

    Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley is the highest-paid running back in the NFL, making an average annual value of $14.375 million a year. New York Jets running back Le'Veon Bell currently sits at No. 2, making $13.125 million on average. Elliott would surpass Bell's salary from the reported Cowboys offer.

    Elliott returned to Cabo this past week, where he has been training during his holdout. The added twist in the ongoing saga is NFL Hall of Fame running back and former league MVP Marshall Faulk is training him, defending Zeke's contract demands while questioning the contract negotiations for Dak Prescott.

    "This kid has basically carried this team the past three years," Faulk said of Elliott. "I'll be honest with you: If I'm Zeke, and I was sitting down, and I saw that they signed Jaylon Smith, I'm pissed. I'm just saying, I'm pissed."

    Elliott has led the NFL in rushing in two of his three NFL seasons, while also leading the NFL in yards per game in all of his seasons. Elliott has 868 carries for 4,048 yards and 28 touchdowns in his career, averaging 4.7 yards per carry. The Cowboys are 28-12 in the 40 games Elliott has played, winning two NFC East titles.

    Elliott is on the books for the final year of his rookie deal, earning $7.94 million this year. He has a fifth-year option on his rookie deal for 2020, worth $9.099 million.

    Under Elliott's rookie deal, his average annual value has him has the 10th highest-paid running back in football. Clearly, he's worth more than that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Lemming View Post
    I am on record saying that you can get away with paying a back big bucks when the QB is on a rookie deal. So paying Gurley doesnt hurt as much.
    THAT SAID there are better ways to spend that excess money.

    I contend that their outstanding oline can make an average back shine.

    Gurley gets hurt, Rams sign old, washed up CJ Andersen who was averaging about 4 carries a game as a backup Panther.

    As a starter for injured Gurley, Anderson averaged about 150 yards per start (Gurley averaged 90) at 7 yards per carry.
    Rams won both games scoring 31 and a Rams season high of 48 in those games CJ started.
    Rushing, scoring.....all trended upward.

    Do I think CJ sustains that pace over a season? No

    How exactly were the Rams "hurt" by losing Gurley?

    A better back than CJ aint hard to find for A FRACTION of what they waste on Gurley.

    They will STILL have a dominant run game, AND be able to address another harder to fill position.

    Dude it is EXACTLY what happened when we didnt miss a step with old man DeAngelo Williams.
    Heck any old former Panther can get it done.

    Can we find out how to get a hold of Jonathan Stewart?
    Is Christian McCaffrey old enough yet for you?

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    He’s going to get paid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oh wow View Post
    Hes going to get paid.
    We can only hope the Cowboys and the rest of the league are so dumb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    Is Christian McCaffrey old enough yet for you?
    Is he old enough to be cheap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Lemming View Post
    We can only hope the Cowboys and the rest of the league are so dumb.

    The whole bag

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