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Thread: Does Our Offense Need to Help Our Defense?

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    Does Our Offense Need to Help Our Defense?

    Do we go back to a more balanced offense this year and focus on running the ball more consistently?

    I think a lot of positives for the team can come out of how we run our offense. Less throws = Less INTs. Less TOs = More TOP and keeping the D on the sideline.

    I'm not asking for turtle ball to start every game. I do want to see us stay consistently aggressive on O. And I think it's important for our D to play with a lead so we can pin our ears back and have time to get to the QB and create our own TOs.

    Guess all I'm saying is this is a team game. And D performance has a lot to do with the way a team plays on O. Control the clock. Don't turn the ball over. And put up points to force the opponent to play a 1 dimensional game.

    Seems like common sense, but I'm going into this season knowing our D can be as good as our O enables them to be. Because no matter how you slice up our D players, I don't feel like we have a game changer on that side of the ball. We've got some good players. Some good athletes. But do we have anyone in our front 7 that demands a double team? We're more of a no name D with 11 guys that have to play together and scheme to be successful. Our O needs to protect this unit if we want a chance in the playoffs.

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    The answer to your question is “yes, absolutely”.

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    The BEST way for the OFFENSE to help the DEFENSE is to NOT Turn the Ball Over!!

    When you turn the ball over the Defense is put on it's heels - usually in bad field position.
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...!!!


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