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Thread: Camp sunday 7/28/19

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    Camp sunday 7/28/19

    Another training camp to sort out what we have n don't have. Perfect day weather wise. A few guys today were not in pads, Ben ,Pouncey,Watt, Barron n Holton.

    At location early and at 1pm -145 2nd n 3rd team D was doing walk throughs.

    Shortly after 2nd n 3rd team O arrives for the same. Trevor Wood taking reps at TE.

    2:35 Conner first man out and crowd gives him a nice cheer.

    Punt returns first activity. Swit,Rogers,rookie Johnson ,Sutton and Spencer were all getting reps in no particular order. Perfect conditions today and not many balls hit the ground. We'll watch the pecking order in this as the week progresses.

    TE sled drill and one on one blocking drill had 85, 49, 89 87,81 n 88 hitting n driving. CSW showed marked improvement over last year. Only Wood was one to get corrected repeatedly by the coaches to keep driving through contact. Thought Gentry held up ok. Hard drill for tall guys but he managed.

    7 Shots- Bush in with the 1's.

    Dobbs qb- Drag to JuJu TD.
    Pass to Grimble on roll out for TD ,48 forced him out of pocket.
    4 wide set- pass to 11 inc Sutton in tight coverage.
    4 wide - Dobbs under pressure tipped ball pick by Burns.
    inc pass to Washington on fade good coverage by Burns.
    Rudolph hits Johnson on in cut for a TD. Nice play by the rookie.
    Rudolph TD to Johnson on a slant.

    1 on 1 wr vs cb-
    19 beats 25 but Burns had decent coverage.
    11 beats 23 on a drag but lands on hip n slow coming off. He returned to practice.
    Hilton good coverage on Rogers double move, has easy pick but drops it.
    Nelson all over Wash pass is inc.
    Wash on an arrow beats Hilton.
    Griffey gets inside Lane on a dig makes nice hands catch.
    Burns covers Jones on a post corner pass is inc.
    Nelson covers Spencer on an out. Inc.
    Rookie Johnson beats B Allen on a 9.
    Switzer beats Sutton on a 9.
    Backs on Backer:
    Snell handles Dirty Red.
    Robert Spilane blows up CSW with speed to power move.
    T Edmunds hold off Bud
    Skipper n Gentry battle to a draw.
    Skipper n Gentry again this time Skipper speed rushes through.
    Chick beats CSW.
    Chick beats Grimble.
    Snell handles Dirty Red ,rides him wide.
    S Smith beats Rader has to be held.
    Bush beats Gentry with power move.
    Gilbert beats Edmunds with nice spin move.
    Spilane again beats CSW around the arc.
    S Smith on inside move smokes TE Wood.
    92 turns the corner on Snell.
    11 on 11 live.
    Dobbs qb Samuels takes handoff and tries to hit 8 hole V Williams with TFL
    Foster pulls on 6 hole run Snell hits it quick Haden in on T. Short gainer.
    55 in with the 1's , 4 hole run right at him by Snell for about 5.
    Rudolph in complete to Wash on an out B Allen on the T.
    Webb bounces it outside on 8 hole run for about 15 yds.
    Snell bounces out wide and makes 5 out of nothing. Sutton with fine ankle T.
    Edmunds on 5 hole run behind Hawkins gains about 6 yds.
    Hodges qb Snell for 4 yds off 4 hole dive.
    M Williams takes draw play wide for huge gainer. Jumped over defender. Very athletic play. Crowd loved it.
    McMillan takes a handoff tries 7 hole n Lane reads n reacts quick taking him down for loss of 3.

    11 on 11- Dobbs Qb Moncrief on deep in complete ifo Dangerfield
    Slip screen to Spencer complete, Bush caught inside on blitz , Edmunds on stop.
    Snell carries for short gain.
    Dobbs pass sails over 89 who was open on the flat.
    Washington beats Burns deep on a 9 but ball thrown a bit to the outside Washington cant adjust and ball is dropped.
    Rookie Johnson breaks wide open on deep dig but pass is underthrown n inc. Burns in coverage.
    2 at qb completes to CSW for short gainer. Excellent pass pro by Fred Johnson at right G.
    2 complete to Spencer on a dig. B Allen in coverage. Hawkins rides 92 wide n to the ground hard on pass pro.
    2 chased out of pocket by Chick only play is toss it out of bounds and he does. Chick quick off the edge.
    6 complete to Wash on a hook , he breaks away for long gainer.
    Slip screen again to Snell for decent gainer. Banner drills S Smith who was blitzing off the edge.
    82 runs a 9 but Layne in good coverage inc.

    11 on 11 live- Pick 6 ball tipped at los by Hilton n Sutton takes it to the house.
    Rudolph complete to Wood for short gainer.
    5 at qb pass attempt tipped away by Hooks inc. Good rush.
    5 inc to Jones on an out ball tipped away by Sutton. Nice play.
    2 hits JuJu on a seam pass for long gainer. 19 looks very sharp with excellent hand catch n run.
    2 comp to 10 on an out Sutton again in coverage but pass was on the mark.
    2 comp to Spencer on a great diving grab with Layne in good but not good enough coverage.
    O Line vs D line-
    73 holds out 97 .
    94 vs 66 call it a draw.
    71 rides out 56 with great hand punch
    48 smashes 78's hands down n gets past him, nice play by Bud.
    66 rides out 94.
    71 mauls 56
    92 sprints past 65
    93 bull rushes 62 right into the turf.
    74 anchors well against Sayles bull rush.
    74 stones Hooks. Rookie playing with good knee bend, helps that he is a very large man.
    Buggs beats 62.
    77 Grey punch sends V Williams to the ground.

    11 on 11-
    Dobbs at qb overthrown to 89 with Bush just missing the pick in zone coverage.
    Screen to 89 with Feiler out in front blocking. Play executed well. 92 turned corner well just got there a bit late.

    Quick notes: Guys that stood out.... Snell , Spencer,D Johnson wr , Feiler, F Johnson g ,M Williams rb for the O.
    Sutton, Chick, Nelson for the D, S Davis left with a finger or hand injury.
    Post practive - most linebackers taking reps on jugs machine. Good to see that.
    D Johnson n Moncrief running sprints after practice as was B Allen and Nelson.
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    great stuff Iron City, mahalo for posting!

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    Thanks for the news.

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    great report Iron; much appreciated.
    From the 2010-2019 season, (An 9 year period that the majority of Cowher's players & coaches had left) Mike Tomlin has only won 3 playoff games. And two of those wins were against back up Quarterbacks. Our history has been defined by what we do in the postseason; not the regular season.

    My official proclamation: WE WILL NOT WIN ANOTHER SUPER BOWL WITH MIKE TOMLIN AS OUR HEAD COACH. So why delay the inevitable?


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    Appreciated as always IC

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    Great stuff...Thanks as always

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    Great stuff. Even if I did only read the first couple of paragraphs lol.

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    Nice write-up IC
    Quote Originally Posted by Iron City Inc. View Post
    Quick notes: Guys that stood out.... Snell
    Still my favorite selection of the entire draft - he'll be the primary backup by end of season, and may steal carries from Conner (especially short-yardage).
    2013 MNF Executive Champion!


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