...have to agree with BTSC on this one, BAL is clearly the biggest rivalry as they are so closely matched with the Steelers and they are a divisional opponent; the Steelers have been NE's biotches the last decade so I view them like the PIT-CLE rivalry.... which is, there ain't none.

Only glimmer of hope has been the recent win against NE and generally more competitive games the last couple of seasons.

In the last decade who has been the Steelers’ primary rival: Patriots or Ravens?

Time to think about which team has been the Steelers’ biggest rivals in the past decade.

By Jeff.Hartman

The Pittsburgh Steelers have had their share of rivals throughout their long history. The Cleveland Browns were at one time the fiercest rival on the schedule, and some would say the Houston Oilers, of the then AFC Central, were top on the rival list at one point.

But what about the past decade? The Steelers’ biggest AFC North rival would be none other than the former Browns themselves — the Baltimore Ravens. There have been some fierce, and memorable, games with the Ravens the last 10 years, with both teams getting the best of the other on more than one occasion.

On the other side of the docket would be none other than the New England Patriots. The team who has dominated the AFC for over a decade has been a royal pain in the Steelers’ side. Pittsburgh got the best of Tom Brady and the boys last year, but even though the W-L totals are skewed towards the Patriots it doesn’t mean they are any less of a rival.

In my opinion, a rivalry has to be somewhat competitive, and despite the Steelers’ 2018 win over New England that hardly falls in that category. The Steelers hate the Patriots, but the Patriots likely view the Steelers as their little brother in the AFC. The true rivalry resides in the AFC North with the Ravens.

Who do you think is the Steelers’ biggest rival over the past decade?