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Thread: Steelers Dodged a Bullet....

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    This is true in the abstract, but very seldom happens in reality. Shazier, Priest Holmes, Stingley . . . I know there are others, but its very rare. What happens a bit more often is they miss a year (ACL tear, collarbone), but even that is relatively rare. It's also fully paid.

    Bell was more concerned with getting the highest number for an RB (rapping about 17 or whatever). He failed miserably, and lost money he was guaranteed to have with the Steelers, if he had just signed the Steelers crazy offer that NO ONE else even came close to. Now, he languishes on the Jets and tubes what could have been a more lucrative career with a winning organization. He's a fool, no matter what way you analyze this.
    He didn’t fail miserably. Demanding 17 and getting 15 mill with incentives isn’t failing.

    Hell, I wish I could fail that miserably.

    I know the frustration is due to him not playing last year but overall he didn’t risk injury for a year and still signed for a ton of guaranteed money at the RB position.

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    I don't know how many teams will take a lessons learned approach to signing these big guaranteed contracts, but I have to believe at least of few more teams will be added to the list of those reluctant to break the bank on a non-QB position.

    Bell's best season he had over 1,300 yds rushing and >800 yds receiving. The Steelers lost in the wild card to BAL in 2014. In the last 15 yrs, Only two other RBs approached Bell's best season, Faulk in 2000 (STL lost in the wild card), and S Jackson, in 2006 when STL finished 8-8.

    I think a return to balance is more important than a league leader in stats, and that goes for any position including QB.


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