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    Getting back to the TE topic...

    So many question marks moving forward. Do the Steelers pick up the option on Vance, and can he be consistent with Ben back at QB? Is he worth the extra $6.4M in savings that the team could receive by cutting him? What will happen with FA Vannett?

    I want to take a look at two others on the roster. Neither is close to ready to become a starter in this league, but is there a future for either?

    We've talked about Christian Scotland-Williamson a few times. We already know he is an athlete, we already know he is huge. Now, after two years of training, is he an NFL football player? Some guys play their entire lives and then take this long after entering the league. Does CSW finally transfer his skills to the gridiron. Here is an article on him that sounds intriguing. I first read it a few days ago, just after he was discussed on here.

    The other guy is 2019 draft pick Zach Gentry. Another massive man who is also undergoing a position change from QB. Here is an article from last month. It's funny, as fans we watch the season, it ends, then we pick it up again next year when camp starts. For the players, their season only ends if they choose for it to. I remembered this article from last month and how hungry Gentry sounds and seems to understand how hard he has to work to get there.

    Is there a future for either of these two guys?

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    I don't see a situation where m
    Vance isn't on our team this year.
    Nobody else has remotely proven that they can contribute as a NFL starter.
    In the last decade, 25% of the league has won a super bowl(the Steelers aren't one of them) and 25% have as many or more playoff wins as the Steelers.

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