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Thread: Steelers select Benny Snell, RB, Kentucky

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    Steelers select Benny Snell, RB, Kentucky

    love this pick!

    just a little surprised because Snell is a lot like James Conner, I thought we were going to draft a shiftier, change of pace type of back.
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    I also was thinking speedy runt.

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    Love this pick!

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    I thought we’d move on an OL player because of the value that was there.
    From the 2010-2019 season, (A 9 year period that the majority of Cowher's players & coaches had left) Mike Tomlin has only won 3 playoff games. And two of those wins were against back up Quarterbacks.
    Dolphin fans in the 90ís who wanted to hold on to Don Shula for what he did in the 70ís...

    Are the same as Steeler fans (of 2020 ) holding on to Tomlin for what he did in 2008.


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    Great Pick. It was 2003 I believe, I was sitting in Paul Brown 6 rows up at the 50. We were in the process of closing the game out in the 4th. The Bus gets up and runs to the Bengals Bench and growls as loud as he could and shakes his head. The Bengals were hanging their heads. SMASHMOUTH Football Baby the Pittsburgh Steelers like the Bus would say.
    Only way to close out a game run the ball down their throats even when they know it. Excellent Pick!

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    His official bust name will be pretty easy to figure out and remember.

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    I love it as well!!! I’ve been to watch him play a few times and he’s a stud. He’s not quick, but very tough to bring down. Just an overall great young man as well

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    Great pick!

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    Matt Snell was a tough runner with the Jets helped them win SB III . We needed a back would have liked to move back a few spots then grab this kid but that's me.

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    Not a big fan. A poor man’s Redman.


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