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Thread: Steelers Take WR Diontae Johnson

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    We could revisit all the WR's.
    Some were great and some duds. But at least they keep looking for that special WR for the HOF QB.

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    oh wow,

    I don't like the pick where it happened, but I think to suggest he is Dri Archer 2.0 is a bit of hyperbole. How many people though Jerry Rice was going to be the G.O.A.T. from a Mississippi Valley state?

    Reading about this kid, I like what he has to offer.

    But it still makes me scratch my head.


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    WRs Coach Darryl Drake Says Steelers Had To Take Diontae Johnson At 66

    By Alex Kozora
    Posted on April 26, 2019

    You might be surprised to hear Diontae Johnson’s name called with the second pick in the third round. Wide receivers coach Darryl Drake would say otherwise.

    Speaking to reporters to explain the pick, Drake says he knows Tampa Bay would’ve taken him at #70 four picks later. The Bucs ultimately traded out of the pick.

    “I know for a fact Tampa Bay was going to take him with their next pick,” Drake said.

    And that a Bucs coach wasn’t too happy about the Steelers “stealing” him.

    “I got cussed out by the Tampa Bay head coach that called me some names ya know for taking him. Because that was his guy.”

    He’s of course referencing Bruce Arians. The two worked together in Arizona.

    Johnson said his agent predicted he would be a late third or early fourth round pick. Most draft projections had him going much lower, somewhere in the middle or late day three. But Drake says the league was much higher on him and that nearly every coach around the league attended the Rockets’ Pro Day.

    “That was the one guy that everybody talked about…there was not one guy that I talked to, and I talked to a lot of them, that did not like this guy.”

    While the selection is still a surprise, the Steelers clearly have one of the league’s best track records when choosing receivers. That doesn’t make that immune to criticism but certainly offers more credibility and trust than other organizations.

    Johnson can play inside or outside, Drake said, while also noting his special teams capability. In his three year Rocket career, he found the end zone 27 times. 23 of those came through the air while another four came in the return game. Of the latter, two came on kick returns, two more on punts.

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    Over Hakeem Butler and Miles Boykin?

    This is really hard to believe.

    Maybe Eli Rogers and Ryan Switzer don't have to worry about losing their jobs after all.
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    go to the 44 minute mark to watch his 98 yard kickoff return

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    Quote Originally Posted by calmkiller View Post
    Researched this Arians thing. TB doesn't have a pick again until 94th. So that is the earliest they could have taken him.
    I think they traded back after the Steelers picked him.

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    Like someone said Louis Riddick loved the pick but so did USA today:

    66. Steelers: Diontae Johnson, WR Toledo

    Analysis: Oh man, I shouldn’t do this, but I’m going to anyway: If there’s an Antonio Brown-type prospect in this class, it’s Diontae Johnson. He doesn’t have blazing speed, but he’s an excellent route-runner with good hands who was dominant in the return game. He’s also from a MAC school. Sound familiar?
    The Steelers know how to pick ‘em in the middle rounds.
    Grade: A

    So I guess it will be a typical if you are a draft-nik you hate it and will discount what media experts state. If you are just a lurker/casual fan of the draft you will share concerns based on what you read or hear.

    And if you are just a fan of the team you will have wait and see approach, but give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Generalization folks (before anyone gets defensive ).


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    Y'all are losing your minds over nothing. Sure, some rated him late. Others, like, had him as a projected 3rd rounder compared to Manny Sanders, who has been a good NFL player after being picked as a...3rd rounder. That's the way this whole thing works - it's subjective.

    So, as a team, if you like a guy better than everyone else available you take him. Because just like different websites have different projections, so do different teams, and you can't accurately assess when he might still be around.

    The Steelers have been pretty decent at this 'drafting wide receivers' thing. I'll give the benefit of the doubt.

    Besides...stop reading what others say and watch some tape. He has several videos available showing him on every play, not just highlights. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but my eyes can't help but see a movement style very similar to AB on those tapes

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    AB still in everyone's head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steel Maniac View Post
    Over Boykin???
    Over McLaurin?


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