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Thread: Day 2 Targets

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    Quote Originally Posted by blitz71burgh71 View Post
    Trade some picks and go get Greedy Williams, CB, LSU
    Browns just got him.

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    Browns get Greed W.

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    intresting, no RB, WR, S taken yet at pick 47 seattle

    edit:besides samuels
    ďIím so tired of LeíVeon," DeCastro told reporters (h/t ESPN's Jeremy Fowler ([url][/url])) after Sunday's game. "Iím so tired of it. Letís just worry about the guys in here. I know you guys have stories to write and what not. I love LeíVeon, but we gotta worry about the guys in here. Theyíre the only people that matter to me."

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    Adderley, Thornhill and Rapp

    Layne, Love, Johnson are all available.

    Boykin with their second third, please.
    Trey Lance, QB; North Dakota State
    Alex Leatherwood, OT; Alabama
    Tedarrell Slaton, DT, Florida
    Jamie Newman, QB; Georgia

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    Told y'all about Metcalf...Told ya Told ya

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    Loved trading up in the 1st. Loved it. Now going nuts not having a 2nd.

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    Chauncey Gardner Johnson please

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    Browns will be in the SB within 3 years

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    Is this the thread we are actively talking in since there is no chat?
    Here We Go Steelers!

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    id say yes
    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.


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