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Thread: Steelers select ILB Devin Bush in first round

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    Devin Bush Drawing Praise From Competition, Barron And Williams

    By Matthew Marczi
    Posted on May 28, 2019

    It is hopefully a good sign when the two people whose playing time is most at risk by another’s presence can’t say enough good things about the person who is putting their playing time in jeopardy. But that has been the response so far from veteran linebackers Vince Williams and Mark Barron about the Pittsburgh Steelers’ first-round draft pick, Devin Bush.

    Williams, who has been here since 2013, is entering his third season since taking over a starting position on a full-time basis since Lawrence Timmons departed in free agency. As for Barron, the veteran former first-round pick, he most recently was a starter for the Los Angeles Rams before signing with the Steelers in March. Both of them praised the man they will be asked to help bring along.

    Williams was asked if he was impressed with Bush so far, but he said he was not. Not because Bush has not been impressive, but because, as he said, “if I was impressed that would say I’m surprised”. In other words, it’s expected that the rookie is impressive.

    For his part, he said that he was excited when the Steelers drafted Bush, because “it adds more playmakers to the defense”. Williams also praised his love for the game and called him “top 10 athletically”.

    As for Barron, who was brought in on a two-year, $12 million contract, he too was pleased (let’s not say impressed) by what he has seen from Bush, praising him as “a good young talent”.

    “I knew that as soon as we picked him up”, he added. “I am excited to work with him. I always feel like great players bring out the best in each other. Just getting to work with each other and bring the best out of each other, I think that will be good for the team as a whole”.

    When Barron was signed, he said during his introductory press conference that he expected to be a three-down linebacker in the Steelers’ defense. That was, of course, well before the Steelers knew that they would have the opportunity to bring Bush into the fold.

    The three of those inside linebackers have been rotating with the starting defense during the first week of OTAs, what Barron called a “true rotation”, with Williams sometimes working with Barron, sometimes Bush, and sometimes Bush and Barron working together.

    It seems that it’s all so far, so good with the new Michigan linebacker. He has impressed everyone in the organization, including those with whom he shares a meeting room. There’s really no question that he is going to be in the starting lineup soon enough. The only question really is, is he already there? Will he be by September?

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    Highlights from Week 2 of Steelers 2019 OTAs


    Devin Bush's versatility was one of the reasons why the Steelers coveted him heading into the 2019 NFL Draft. Bush, who was ultimately selected by Pittsburgh after the Steelers traded up to acquire the 10th overall pick, has been displaying that versatility during the first two weeks of Pittsburgh's OTAs.

    Jim Wexell of 247Sports recently offered an update on Bush, who has been receiving first team reps with Pittsburgh's defense. Specifically, Wexell noted Bush's production in pass coverage during the team's daily "Seven Shots" drill.

    "On Bush, I've noticed him breaking up more passes in coverage, including one in the end zone intended for Donte Moncrief during 'Seven Shots,'" Wexell wrote. "I don't focus on Bush exclusively, and am waiting for the pads to be donned before passing even initial judgment, but his coverage skills so far have been encouraging."

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    That’s what you want to see for a guy we traded up for. He’s showing already he was worth our investment.
    From the 2010-2019 season, (A 9 year period that the majority of Cowher's players & coaches had left) Mike Tomlin has only won 3 playoff games. And two of those wins were against back up Quarterbacks.


    Dolphin fans in the 90’s who wanted to hold on to Don Shula for what he did in the 70’s...

    Are the same as Steeler fans (of 2020 ) holding on to Tomlin for what he did in 2008.

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    Progress reports for all 32 NFL first-round picks

    8:00 AM ET

    In early June, fans and teams alike are excited about the incoming draft picks -- especially the first-rounders. Training camp is still weeks away, but teams have had a look at their draft classes during offseason workouts and can start to get an idea of how quickly the first-round selections are adapting to the pro game. Who's off to a quick start? Who will have a hard time cracking the starting lineup? Our NFL Nation reporters share their first impressions of how the first-round picks are performing.

    No. 10: Pittsburgh Steelers

    ILB Devin Bush: The Steelers thrust Bush into the starting rotation right away, and his coverage skills have been on display. He has shown the ability to get into passing lanes with his quickness. The team wants to expedite his learning curve. Defensive end Cam Heyward said Bush needs more bass in his voice if he's going to call plays. And he'll need to improve his tackling angles in the running game at this level. But so far, he looks like he belongs among a linebacker group that includes veterans Vince Williams and Mark Barron. -- Jeremy Fowler

    Click here for the other 31 first round picks:
    Steeler teams featuring stat-driven, me-first, fantasy-football-darling diva types such as Antonio Brown & Le'Veon Bell won no championships.

    Super Bowl winning Steeler teams were built around a dynamic, in-your-face defense plus blue-collar, hard-hitting, no-nonsense football players on offense such as Hines Ward & Jerome Bettis.

    We don't want Juju & Conner to replace what we lost in Brown & Bell.

    We are counting on Juju & Conner to return us to the glory we once had with Hines & The Bus.

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    Who is Bush's agent?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post
    Who is Bush's agent?
    Drew Rosenhaus.
    Steeler teams featuring stat-driven, me-first, fantasy-football-darling diva types such as Antonio Brown & Le'Veon Bell won no championships.

    Super Bowl winning Steeler teams were built around a dynamic, in-your-face defense plus blue-collar, hard-hitting, no-nonsense football players on offense such as Hines Ward & Jerome Bettis.

    We don't want Juju & Conner to replace what we lost in Brown & Bell.

    We are counting on Juju & Conner to return us to the glory we once had with Hines & The Bus.

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    Devin Bush ‘A Little Bit Quieter Than He Needs To Be’ Calling Plays At This Point

    By Matthew Marczi
    Posted on June 4, 2019

    There are a lot of reasons that the Pittsburgh Steelers felt Michigan inside linebacker Devin Bush was a player who was worth trading up for in the first round. That is because there are a lot of things that he, or so they believe, will be able to bring to their football team, both on and off the field.

    The question is how soon he will be doing those things, and how much of it he will be doing. We’re still very early in the on-field offseason process, entering the final week of OTAs, but where we’re sitting right now, there are a range of possibilities. He could be a day-one starter and play every snap. He might not start any games.

    That will really depend on how well he can develop as a communicator, something that defensive coordinator Keith Butler talked about recently while sitting down for an interview with Missi Matthews for the Steelers’ website.

    “He’s a smart football player. He knows the game”, he said on Bush. “He’s still got a lot to learn in terms of being a rookie and sounding off and doing the things that we’re going to ask him to do in terms of communication. That’s gonna come to him, but right now he’s just learning it”.

    Though he drew early praise for his ability to call and to vocalize the defense during rookie minicamp, even expressing satisfaction himself in that regard even though he thought he may have been calling the wrong plays, the veterans have had a different opinion.

    Defensive captain Cameron Heyward already joked on the first day of OTAs that the older players were getting on him, saying that he needs to add some bass to his voice. Butler essentially echoed the spirit of that critique.

    “He’s a little bit quieter than he needs to be. He needs to be what I call a loudmouth, where everybody can hear you”, he said. “Everybody’s got to hear you. And you’ve got to have a couple of those guys on your defense to make sure you implement the defense that you want to be in based off the personnel we see that the offense gives us. That part of it he’s certainly capable of doing. It’s just a matter of him getting comfortable with what we’re going to ask him to do”.

    Of course he’s about nine practices into his NFL career, so it shouldn’t exactly be surprising if he’s not out there barking out the calls the way that James Farrior did. And even Farrior would be the first to tell you that he was still learning how to do that at the end of his career. It’s not an easy assignment by any means.

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    Keith Butler On Trading Up For Devin Bush: ‘We Really Needed Him’

    By Alex Kozora
    Posted on June 5, 2019

    There’s nothing a coach likes more than getting a shiny new first round pick. And Keith Butler got himself one of the shiniest ones the Pittsburgh Steelers have had in quite some time. Sitting down with’s Missi Matthews, Butler discussed the decision to make the aggressive move for Devin Bush and the impact it’ll have on the defense. He did so by comparing it to another draft day move the team made more than a decade ago.

    “The last time we jumped up for a player like this in the draft, we rarely do this, I think it was Troy Polamalu,” Butler told Matthews. “When we do that, after we had drafted Troy, not the first year, but his years after that he really got good. He gave us a chance to be in three Super Bowls and we won two of them.”

    Butler then joked – I think – that he reminded GM Kevin Colbert of that fact.

    “I had to tell Kevin that. He already knew that.”

    Polamalu was the first and until April, the only defensive player the team has traded up for. Of course, they did do the same for Santonio Holmes years later, a move that paid off with similar Super Bowl success. In 2003, Colbert moved the Steelers from 27 to 16 in order to snag Troy, giving up 3rd and 6th round picks in the process. Undoubtedly, the right move, though the Chiefs got a good player of their own, taking RB Larry Johnson with their new first rounder. He was no Troy but put together a pair of 1700 yard seasons.

    Under Colbert’s tenure, the team has made only one other first round move, moving back three spots and taking Casey Hampton in 2001. That too turned out to be the right decision.

    Moving up for Bush was the right move even if it cost the team more to get him, sending a 2nd and next year’s 3rd to seal the deal with Denver. Butler agreed with the front office’s plan.

    “We really needed him. He fills a big hole for us. Hopefully we can prepare him the way we need he needs to be prepared to help us this season.”

    Bush is already working on calling the defense, a must for any linebacker who wants to play all three downs. He figures to see a role at inside linebacker right away, perhaps a prominent one, but that won’t be known until late into the summer. The Steelers do have options, signing Mark Barron and keeping the ever-steady Vince Williams, giving them flexibility they simply didn’t have last year.

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    McDonald Sees Devin Bush Already Showing He Can ‘Fit In Well’ With The Defense

    By Matthew Marczi
    Posted on June 9, 2019

    When you’re on a team that trades first-, second, and third-round draft picks over a two year span for a player, as the Pittsburgh Steelers did for Michigan inside linebacker Devin Bush, it stands to reason that there are going to be a lot of opinions flying around about him.

    Given the massive investment the Steelers have placed on him, it is imperative that he actually pans out and becomes the player that they drafted him to be. The good news on that front, insofar that anything that happens in shorts matters, is that the only complaint he has gotten so far is that he needs to be a little louder when he’s calling the defense.

    Nevermind the fact that he is already getting the opportunity, at least on occasion, to call the defense for a relatively veteran-laden defensive unit. And the players across from him, such as tight end Vance McDonald, have noticed as well.

    “He showed really quickly he’s going to be able to fit in well with the defense with that group of guys”, the seventh-year tight end said. “When you look at him, you don’t expect him to be as quick or as agile as he is”.

    As Cameron Heyward and Keith Butler have noted, though, McDonald also mentioned his need to more expressive when calling the plays, which he believes will come. “There’s a couple of things he needs to work on: being more vocal, because of the role Coach Tomlin wants him to fit into quickly, and the expectation of him doing that. But that’s still such a young thing. You never want to overstep, especially when the pressure is on. I think that will come, especially in Latrobe as he gets the pads on”.

    Jeremy Fowler noted, as we already knew, that Bush has been working, along with Mark Barron, in the first-team defense, as has Vince Williams. The ESPN reporter writes that Bush has lined up against tight ends and running backs and has fared well, looking the part, in executing those assignments.

    Another offensive player, second-year quarterback Mason Rudolph, also shared his observations of the rookie, saying that “he’s been flying around, especially seeing him in the Seven Shots period. He’s high intensity, doing a good job covering people”. Truth be told, coverage at the second level has been a bigger trouble spot than in the secondary. “You can see his athleticism, and he’s learning quick”.

    The Steelers will hold their mandatory minicamp this week before breaking ahead of training camp. That is where the real battle for starting jobs between Bush, Barron, and Bince will begin in earnest. As General Manager Kevin Colbert said of the rookie, we’ll see how he looks when the pads come on.


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