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    Starters who can be upgraded/ replaced

    I started off making an " over reaching draft" based on our visits, and seeing that highest rated players brought in were Rock Ya-Sin and Harris. And I had us overreaching for Harris, who got me thinking of "what starters do we have, that we think they are good to great ,that we can actually upgrade in the draft". Not saying we are going to cut the players, but upgrade and maybe find new starter by mid season.

    1) Conner- We all love him. Great story. Runs hard, kills people, Steeler type physical back (its a myth). Filled in great last year, but did you see the first two words of sentence, " filled in" . What if he is just that a "fill in" bhind one of the better OL. His violent running makes him even more injure pron.

    2) Hilton- No wonder why this cat wants an extention instead of just a one year tender. If we draft a CB high, or Sutton, Burns improve drastically could Nelson be our new slot?

    3) Davis- last year of contract, he moved around positions in his first 3 years so I give him some benefit of the doubt. But the dude misses big time on tackles, takes horrid angles, and turnovers.

    4) Vance- I been wanting to upgrade him for ever! Last year he proved me wrong, but he still has the drops and misses games.

    5) Bince Williams he wanted to be a killer B too. They are all gone except for our leader, double BB. Maybe we find a more athletic Buck ILB in the draft. We found our Mack in Barron, and have Bostic as back up.

    6) Tuit- I know shocker name, but past two years he has sort of reached his plateau and this draft is filled with talent DL. If one drops to us, maybe by mid season we have a new starter.... just saying.

    7) Bud- how can I forget about our buddy, I think the coaches like what he does, but we all know...
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