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    I think this is a pretty fair assessment...frankly he does call out Ben's not critiquing his play in the Denver game. In the end, I think Ben is the best looking one out of this because he is keeping his mouth shut. Nothing good can come from him responding to any of this crap. My hope is he is redoubling his efforts and works with his current group of WR's to show these blabber mouth media whores that they are nothing more than a mouthpiece for sensational BS. And btw, I am not a Ben fanboy/apologist.

    Tell me, if he comes back next season and wins a super bowl with the purging of the toxic twins...who will come out of this looking the best in the end?

    Joe Starkey: One guy started all the Ben Roethlisberger bashing, and you know who it is

    Joe Starkey
    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    Mar 20, 2019
    7:17 AM
    Ramon Foster had an interesting tweet the other day, in response to a reporter’s light-hearted post suggesting Ben Roethlisberger make a list of all the people who’ve ripped him this offseason (ripping Roethlisberger, in case you haven’t noticed, has become a national pastime).
    Foster’s subtweet: “We all making a list. Never forget.”
    If that means Foster and his teammates are taking inventory of the unjust condemnations of their quarterback, good on them. But if their list is going to have integrity, it better start with one name high above the rest.
    One man caused all of this, and I shouldn’t have to tell Foster or anyone else who it is.
    I believe he goes by “Big Chest.”
    If the national football media, particularly ex-players, have been contaminated, it was Mr. Big Chest who poisoned their drinks.
    So for all those wondering why Roethlisberger is getting mercilessly shredded — and I’ve been asked that question a lot lately — the answer goes like this: because Antonio Brown wanted out of Pittsburgh in order to secure a guaranteed contract and apparently figured (or was advised) that assailing Roethlisberger would help grease the skids.

    There would have been no smear campaign if Brown could have persuaded the Steelers to give him a new deal. He couldn’t have, so he told the world Roethlisberger ruled with an “owner mentality.” ( He retweeted derogatory tweets about Roethlisberger. And I’d be willing to bet it was Big Chest and his agent who fed ex-players-turned-media their B.S. talking points.
    Deion Sanders, Shannon Sharpe and others told the world that Roethlisberger, not the receiver who skipped work and threw tantrums and quit on his teammates, was the real problem in the room.
    For sure, Brown got a hold of former Green Bay Packers receiver and current ESPN contributor Greg Jennings and convinced him of that. Jennings, in a matter of weeks, went from praising Roethlisberger as the ultimate competitor to denigrating him as a guy who undermines his own team. A lunch date with Big Chest had clearly swayed him.
    “Ben’s the bad guy” has become the national narrative, all right, one furthered by ex-Steeler Josh Harris’ claim that Roethlisberger intentionally fumbled late in a 2014 game against Cincinnati in order to make offensive coordinator Todd Haley look bad.
    Harris was a Steelers running back at the time, and one thing he said is indisputably true: Roethlisberger and Haley loathed each other.
    But for Roethlisberger to possibly give the Bengals life late in an important game by intentionally fumbling? Man, I’d have to see proof, which Harris admits he is unable to provide, or other players corroborate.
    All of which is not to say Roethlisberger is beyond reproach or an ideal leader. Some great athletes are not natural leaders. Aaron Rodgers falls into that category. Kobe Bryant did. Roethlisberger does.
    Not everyone is Tom Brady or Drew Brees. Not everyone is universally beloved. I’ve never heard an ex-teammate knock Brady. I’ve seen Emmanuel Sanders, Hines Ward and others knock Roethlisberger, whose leadership style can rub people the wrong way. Now you can add Le'Veon Bell to that list. He claims in a Sports Illustrated story published Wednesday ( that Roethlisberger considered himself all-powerful and played favorites in distributing the ball.
    Fact is, Roethlisberger smartly aligns himself with his linemen and doesn’t get close to many others (tight end Vance McDonald among the exceptions). He’s the old guy now. The locker-room music doesn’t blare until he goes home. He’s nearly twice the age of incoming rookies.
    Roethlisberger also isn’t afraid to use the media, including his radio show — which I co-hosted last season — to deliver messages. He has earned that right. If players such as Mr. Thin Skin can’t take it, too bad. Nobody complained when Roethlisberger called out Martavis Bryant before the 2015 playoffs — especially after Bryant responded with an excellent postseason.
    There was, however, one instance last season where Roethlisberger should have included himself in critiquing individual performances. That was after the Denver game, when he threw a killer interception in the end zone. The surprise was that he didn’t point the finger at himself, because he usually does.
    There are legitimate criticisms of Roethlisberger. What has gone down this offseason is far, far beyond that.
    “Not one former player has anything positive [to say[ about Ben Roethlisberger’s leadership — be it offense or defense,” Sharpe said on FS1.
    That’s a flat-out lie. Alan Faneca and Bruce Gradkowski are among those who’ve praised Roethlisberger’s leadership. Former running back Isaac Redman tweeted this after he felt his words were twisted in an story: “I can’t believe an article would come out saying i had anything negative to say about Ben Bc i do not. He was always a great teammate and leader my time in Pittsburgh!!”
    Roethlisberger isn’t perfect, by any means, but he doesn’t deserve this kind of condemnation. It’s shameful, really, especially when you consider the man and the motive behind it.
    Never forget that.

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    Maurkice Pouncey sticks up for Big Ben as a leader

    Posted by Michael David Smith on March 20, 2019, 2:43 PM EDT

    In the division among Steelers and former Steelers about what kind of leader Ben Roethlisberger is, put center Maurkice Pouncey in the pro-Ben camp.

    Pouncey, who has snapped to Roethlisberger for nine seasons, took to Instagram today to stick up for his quarterback.

    “I’ve been with Ben going on 10 years I swear on my kids he is a true LEADER!” Pouncey wrote. “Sucks to see players who leave and are mad at the organization now try and point fingers like they are perfect! But this is the world we live in now!”

    Pouncey didn’t call out any of those “players who leave” by name, but he was presumably referring to Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell, as well as former Steelers running back Josh Harris, who created a stir by accusing Roethlisberger of once fumbling on purpose in a game.

    What’s clear is that Roethlisberger has been a polarizing figure in Pittsburgh, with some teammates loving him and some not thinking much of him. The Steelers seem to be getting rid of the players who don’t like their franchise quarterback.
    Steeler teams featuring stat-driven, me-first, fantasy-football-darling diva types such as Antonio Brown & Le'Veon Bell won no championships.

    Super Bowl winning Steeler teams were built around a dynamic, in-your-face defense plus blue-collar, hard-hitting, no-nonsense football players on offense such as Hines Ward & Jerome Bettis.

    We don't want Juju & Conner to replace what we lost in Brown & Bell.

    We are counting on Juju & Conner to return us to the glory we once had with Hines & The Bus.

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    Le’Veon Bell on Steelers: “They don’t treat you like you’re human”

    Posted by Mike Florio on March 20, 2019

    Running back Le'Veon Bell won his freedom from the Steelers by taking a stand and sitting out a full season. Now that he’s a member of the Jets, Bell reflected on the mindset of the team that made him a second-round pick in the 2013 draft.

    “Pittsburgh is a great organization,” Bell told Jenny Vrentas of “They’ve got a great owner, head coach. They kind of treat you like — they don’t treat you like you’re human. What I mean by that is like, yeah, I’m an NFL athlete, but still I’m a human being. You know what I’m saying? I still play video games, I still make music. They don’t want to allow you to be yourself. They want you to be, if you’re a Steelers, you’re literally playing football 24/7. You’re not supposed to be playing video games and like making music, playing basketball. You’re not supposed to be doing that. You’re supposed to be working out.”

    You’re also supposed to be doing what the Steelers want as it relates to the structure of contracts. Which is what created the problem in the first place. If the Steelers had simply offered Bell the full amount of the franchise tag for 2017 ($12.1 million) and the full amount of the franchise tag for 2018 ($14.54 million), fully guaranteed, Bell quite possibly would have (and arguably should have) accepted a four- or five-year deal starting with $26.64 million over the first two years.

    Instead, Bell made the $12.1 million, sat out a year, and got the $26.64 (plus .36) million fully guaranteed from the Jets. While the process was rocky and some remain determined to declare Bell a loser (presumably so that they can say they were right about their position that he shouldn’t sit out the year), the Steelers flicked the first domino by virtue of their stubborn refusal to deviate from the way they structure contracts, even when the player carries the franchise tag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel View Post

    “Pittsburgh is a great organization,” Bell told Jenny Vrentas of “They’ve got a great owner, head coach. They kind of treat you like — they don’t treat you like you’re human. What I mean by that is like, yeah, I’m an NFL athlete, but still I’m a human being. You know what I’m saying? I still play video games, I still make music. They don’t want to allow you to be yourself. They want you to be, if you’re a Steelers, you’re literally playing football 24/7. You’re not supposed to be playing video games and like making music, playing basketball. You’re not supposed to be doing that. You’re supposed to be working out.”

    *See JuJu Smith-Schuster.

    Bell sounds like more of an idiot every time he opens his mouth. Someone should tell him to stop

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    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    If anyone watched the interview Bell had the female reporter at SI, he appears to be under the influence of marijuana. You can tell by looking at his eyes. Not saying that it's all bad, but it doesn't help you perform better, that I know. He rambles a lot but there isn't much that he says that he can pinpoint what he didn't like about Pittsburgh. He seems to imply that he didn't get used the way he liked, but he isn't thinking deeply about the situation because he got fed the ball more frequently than any player in the NFL.

    I, as a fan, thought it would be better to distribute the ball more to different players. Brown and Bell really did get a lot of targets, much more than most. Bell seems to say Ben did not give him or Brown the ball enough.

    He says that Gase and the players on the Jets talked to him like they are on the same level, and he felt very welcomed. That seems very important to him because he implies that Ben, Tomlin and some of the players did not treat him as though he were on their level. His complaints seem so superficial. In the future, it will be interesting to see how it all plays out. Whether, if the Jets try to give anyone else the ball during the season, he feels slighted. Whether someone starts to treat him differently when/if the Jets have a losing season.

    The Steelers should not have tagged him. I think it hurt them last year with the holdout and the drama. Should have just let him get his guaranteed money. He doesn't really have to do anything now to have that $35 mil except show up, I guess. That might be all he's planning on doing. I hope in the future they will not use that tag more than once on a player, if at all. If a player wants to go somewhere else that badly. Let them. There are enough other players to a make a good team regardless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelBucks View Post
    The cancers are removed. Let’s move on.
    Bell trying to spread the cancer extracorporeal........ (there's a word for ya).

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher View Post
    My wife has Facebook, my kids have Twitter and Instagram, and the extent of my "social media footprint" is pretty much just posting on this forum. They signed me up for Facebook and Twitter accounts, but I literally never go on there.
    Me too. Signed up an account about 5 yrs ago but haven't been on it since. Too much work to update what I had for breakfast, lunch and dinner, what my favorite hang is, what my poo looks like, etc. etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steel Maniac View Post
    Ben was accommodating to both and they still moan and complain.

    " Ben wanted to win his way"...his way by giving you and AB all the touches??? Both of those two cornballs are on drugs. F them. We move on.
    ^^agree.. same bull we've been hearing from AB. Blame others for all the choices you made. I have not doubt Bell hired an image doctor to try to turn things about in the media.... all of sudden coming up with the excuse 'boo boo, I had to leave cause the QB was mean... the Steelers are a great org, but they don't treat you human'.... what a pile of mixed up reasoning that only Bell (or AB) could come up with.

    Glad Roethlisberger is taking the high road here. He has nothing to prove to these malcontents.

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    What a pair of delicate, childish twits. It really is starting to look like those two leaving town is for the best, no matter how talented they appear. And yeah, let's see just how well their 2019 seasons go on the idiotic teams they signed up for.


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