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Question people. When has the number one receiver been statistically SECOND in so many stats?

Name any great receiver.......when did it happen before receiver 1 got old?
I can think of one possible answer Lynn Swann.....but reality is Stallworth simply proved to be a HOF level legit number one himself.

My point. I aint worried AT ALL about Juju cause the "he got lesser coverage" garbage is just a myth.
You dont lead a team in catches and yards over a HOFer because you are a number 2 with lesser coverage.....it doesnt happen. EVER!

We talk about the coverage Brown had.......he has been elite FOR YEARS yet was number one by a WIDE margin. Coverage was never an issue for Brown before.
Brown was force fed the ball plenty DESPITE coverage and his numbers dropped?

People, his catch "percentage" was the difference. We all saw it.

Truth? ABs game "declined" people. Seems early to be age but its possible.
My take? His "greatness" is from having the "eye of the tiger" and he lost his edge with all his accolades.

Neither Moncrief nor any other receiver will be as great as Brown individually.

But Ben's force feeding him the ball hurt the team.

Overall, Bens making better decisions, feeling no such "pressure" to feed Brown's ego WILL result in better QB play which in the end is what matters WAY more than receiver talent.
If receiver talent mattered SO MUCH Brady would have no rings and Ben would have plenty.

The last "elite" ego-centric receiver to get a ring.......Michael Irvin TWENTY FOUR years ago?
Totally agree with this.
In truth, Ben has now been freed/liberated to actually throw to whoever the open receiver is....regardless! Without having to force anything to any one receiver.
Couple that with a powerful run game and we have a balanced offense.