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    So Marcus Gilbert leaves and I thought going into the draft I would look at some game tapes of top tackles. Watched a few guys and thought Juwaan Taylor of Fla was very good. Watching some of Florida games ,O line highlights and Taylor highlights n he wasn't the only guy who jumped out. So you don't always want to watch a guys highlights but watch highlights of others on the team n see if someone else pops as we used to say.
    So for this large guard there is a bunch of good for a free agent:

    Knee bend is good.

    Hands are a bit grabby but turns his defender and walls off quickly.

    Finishes blocks but will need to finish better at the pro level.

    Gets to defenders on 2nd level n because of his size can shield off and keep the lane open.

    Pulls ok on traps n he was able to get to the penetrator and wall off.

    Pass pro thought he was very solid because he moves his feet well which is nice for a big man.

    Stays on his feet and can handle the bull rush because of size.

    Arm length is good and keeps defenders off his frame.

    Keeps head on a swivel and picks up stunts better than average.

    Hand punch when employed was strong.

    Negatives :

    Looks to have only played right guard.

    Not the smoothest player, more technique work needed in hand placement and could get nastier in finishing blocks and not settling for the wall off.

    Had at least two false starts against Miss St who has an excellent DL that included Simmons.

    To have a chance at the next level he must play more than 1 position. Could he kick to RT ? IDK, Left guard ? Perhaps. If he can flip or somehow stay on the right side and play some RT he may have a shot .

    Low side he gets smoked at camp and a free ride down route 30.

    Mid range he makes PS n improves enough to compete in 20.

    Ceiling is he could develop into a starting LG in 20 or 21.

    So do not make Canton plans for him yet but at least he has upside and should be a interesting watch at Latrobe.
    Shawn Sarrett has a nice piece of clay to mold here so lets hope he could fill MM's shoes and get the most out of this rook

    Games watched ...Georgia & Mississippi St

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    I'd feel a lot better about this guy if we still had Munch working with the OL. Like you said, let's hope Sarrett can fill Munchak's shoes.

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    Nice breakdown IC. Looking forward to seeing how he pans out.

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    isn't 6'7" tall for a guard? sounds more like he should take some reps at RT

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel View Post
    isn't 6'7" tall for a guard? sounds more like he should take some reps at RT
    Yeah it is but not much DeCastro n Foster are both 6'5. If you can play you can play. Now he'll likely get some RT reps but I'm not sure his lateral quickness is good enough to go n excel at RT but we'll see at Latrobe n in pre-season. If he sticks and I'll say even at PS level, which I think he has a good shot at, he likely has to handle both guard positions.
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    Steelers have 13 offensive linemen with a case to make the 53 man roster.

    F. Johnson
    G. Brumfield

    Competition will create excellent depth.


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