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Thread: A Doable Offseason

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northern_Blitz View Post
    I think I'd rather keep AB than make that trade...or at least hold onto him until the price goes up (or our cap penalty goes down next year).

    I don't think Goodwin is good. He's been in the league for 6 years, no seasons over 1000 yards (although he did get 962 once). In his other 5 seasons, he hasn't cracked 435 yards.

    I guess SFs 3rd rounder is almost a 2nd round pick.
    I don't know much at all about Goodwin. The question I guess I'd ask is...who's been throwing to him?

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    Yeah, when I made the original post I thought a lot about AB's seemingly weekly drop in value, but I'm optimistic his value will rebound a little in March when the 5-6 teams that have interest in him and the cap space get revving up the cost of getting him. However, that 3 and a player may be the best we get. When teams like the Raiders exist, though, something better is always possible. Like the fact that there are teams in the NFL still that you can count on to do stupid things.


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