The year was 2004. Jerome Bettis was contemplating retirement after the season The wear and tear had taken its toll. The Steelers, ...the team,.. convinced him to come back again to get him that Bowl he coveted... in his hometown.
Throughout the 2005 season the team continued the mantra of 'get Bettis his ring'. And during the playoffs Bettis himself played at times like a man possessed of a singular focus. The Steelers literally willed their way to the Superbowl. It was an amazing thing to witness for those of us lucky to be around.

The coming 2019 season will have similar circumstances for several teams. NE, and Brady for his continual quest for personal and NFL records. Brees, .... how many more seasons can he really go? Rivers.. needs a ring to be legit. Roethlisberger, ... just a year removed from contemplating retirement and now thinking he has one more Bowl in him.

For the Steelers to get to their end game, it will take that kind of singular focus yet again. No distractions, no drama, just football. And winning games that should win and games they must win.

It won't be easy regardless of talent or lack thereof. There will be the up and comers wanting to make their mark, just like Roethlisberger did in 2005.

I am excited to see how the 'old guard' vs the 'new guard' match up in the next year.