I hate them. But sure give credit to Brady & Belichick. No denying they are both near the top when talking about all time greats. My post is about Edelman. I noticed during Week 15 he looked smaller. No more PEDs so it made sense. And I know he said he only used them to recover. Yep. Sure he did. I didn't watch much of the Chargers game. But I watched most of the Chiefs game and of course the Super Bowl. Edelman looked noticeably bigger than when they came to Heinz in December.

I can't post pics. I tried creating an album but it still wouldn't let me upload any of the pics. If you look at the Haden interception pic from Week 15 and compare Edelman's arms to what he looked like Sunday, there's an obvious difference. Look I've been around gyms and gear most of my life. Guys don't stop. They can't. Especially high level athletes. They don't want to go back to what they were before. They just find better ways to mask it. With James getting tested as much as he did - after NEVER failing a test - I wonder if they'll test Edelman? I'd be shocked if he was clean.