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Thread: DRAFT: Gary Jennings, Anyone?

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    I can't think of a better player to compare him to than Ju Ju. Coming out, experts had him pegged as below average speed, but strong and physical. Jennings is that to a T. He's a big, strong guy who is very dependable to catch the rock if it's anywhere near him. I agree with calm, of the 3 WVU WR's entering the draft, he's the guy I would take. Keep in mind what I mentioned earlier, he split a lot of playing time with some guys that could bring it. When those guys weren't producing, Jennings was the guy in the clutch.

    As far as competition, there were some low level teams he competed against, however, omitted from that list is Oklahoma (top 4 playoff team), Texas (who beat Oklahoma), Oklahoma State, and Tennessee this past season. Last season, it was those first three mentioned plus Virginia Tech. If he wasn't fighting that nagging injury this year, he'd have easily surpassed 1000 yards again this season.

    True Grier was a top tier QB, and that certainly didn't hurt his production any. So, we'll see how he grades out in March. If he's around in the 3rd round, he's a no brainer IMHO.

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    Honestly I'd be happy with any of the 3 WVU receivers (Jennings, Sills, or Sims).
    Sills was a QB until he arrived at he is, in essence, still learning the position. His best days are still ahead of him IMO.

    I thought it was neat that USC's Lane Kiffin got a verbal commitment from Sills as a 7th grader.
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