4 cornerbacks the Pittsburgh Steelers could target in free agency

by Noah Strackbein


The Pittsburgh Steelers are in need of a cornerback and could look to free agency to improve the secondary in 2019.

Coty Sensabaugh could be headed to free agency, and even if re-signed, the Pittsburgh Steelers are in need of a quality cornerback. After the Artie Burns project turned into a failure, this team has been one man short in the secondary

Now, they’re looking ahead to the 2019 offseason as their place of restructure. Joe Haden is still a star on the outside and Sean Davis and Terrell Edmunds look to be quality players at safety. All they need this spring is to find another play to fill the role of cornerback.

Pierre Desir

The Indianapolis Colts found a surprising player in Pierre Desir this season. After bouncing around the league for a few years, Desir landed in Indy where he produced a sound year in 2018.

This offseason he’ll hit the free agent market and could be a valuable option for the Steelers. He’ll cost what the middle class cornerback goes for, meaning he’s likely in the price range for Pittsburgh.

His 12 starts in 2018 for a playoff team proved he can get the job done in the AFC. Across from Haden, he wouldn’t be expected to be a star but a reliable player that would protect most number two receivers.

At 28-years-old, Desir has a lot of career left and even if the Steelers find themselves with a cornerback in the NFL Draft, he could serve as a great backup for this team.

Jason Verrett

Jason Verett could be a cheap and reliable option if the Chargers decide they won’t bring him back in 2019. The cornerback missed all of the 2018 season with a torn achilles and is certainly a health risk after numerous years on IR.

If he stays healthy, though, he’s one of the best in the AFC. Pittsburgh may not want to take a chance on a player that misses such a significant amount of time, but if the price is right Verrett would be a great piece with Haden.

It’d be a boost in the secondary for sure. This defense would have to be much less cautious about what wide outs line up on who. Haden and Verrett would be a fierce duo in the AFC North, especially if Sean Davis and Terrell Edmunds continue to improve.

Eric Rowe

Eric Rowe was the No. 2 cornerback in New England until missing the final 12 games of the season. Now, the question is whether or not the Patriots are going to retain him next season. If they don’t, the 26-year-old is the perfect fit and price range for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Rowe has the size and strength to play outside. At 6’1, the cornerback could be a valuable No. 2 for the Steelers, working with Haden and Hilton to continue to develop his skills.

Rowe in Pittsburgh would work well. If he can stay healthy and find his way to free agency, he’ll end up on the Steelers’ free agent list. At the right price, there should be no hesitation for Pittsburgh to go out and grab the Patriots’ former cornerback.

Bradley Roby

Bradley Roby is top of the list of possible free agent cornerbacks. The Denver Broncos haven’t seen the production they wanted the last two seasons and will likely send Roby to the market this offseason.

At the right price, the Steelers should consider him. He isn’t worth a superstar contract or even a No. 1 corner contract, but teams may give it to him. Roby, at this point, is a strong second option and should be paid as so. If Pittsburgh is looking his way, he’d be worth it for the right dollar amount.

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He brings talent and reliability to guard any receiver thrown at him. If they can retain Coty Sensabaugh, they’d have a backup player to step in when needed and work with Roby and Haden on the outside.

Again, only for the right price.