Brett Favre, the all-time reckless champ


Itís a term used in football to describe a quarterback unafraid of taking risks and hurling balls into coverage downfield.

Patrick Mahomes was called it before the 2017 NFL Draft. The Raidersí Derek Carr was too. But the gunslingingest gunslinger of them all has always been Favre.

Favre was the NFL MVP three seasons in a row from 1995 to 1997, with at least 35 touchdowns in each year. He was the first to crack 500 career passing touchdowns and his 508 are still second on the all-time list, with Tom Brady and Drew Brees each just 20 behind.

But those touchdown numbers for Favre came because of his high-risk/high-reward style of play. And all that gunslinging meant a ton of interceptions.

Favre finished his career with 336 interceptions, and he is the only quarterback to ever top 280. George Blanda is in second place with 277, and the nearest active players are Drew Brees and Eli Manning, who each have 228.

Itíd probably take at least seven or eight more years for either player to reach Favreís interception numbers. Thatís pretty unlikely to happen considering Brees and Manning are 39 and 37, respectively.

After that, there isnít a single quarterback in the NFL under 30 who even topped 100 interceptions.
Favre is your interception king and always will be. All hail the gunslinger.

For the record, Roethlisberger currently sits at 190 career INTs... no danger to pass Favre.