...Over Steelers Comments


The Antonio Brown drama keeps raging on ... 'cause the Steelers WR just called his ex-teammate, Ryan Clark, an "Uncle Tom" after Clark ripped him on TV.

Clark -- an ex-Steelers DB who's now an ESPN NFL analyst -- tore into A.B. after reports surfaced that Brown was benched for blowing up on teammates during practice last week.

"This is where Mike Tomlin has to put his foot down and shop Antonio Brown," Clark said ... "You have to take that stand. You have to. Time for him to go."

Brown -- who played 4 seasons with Clark in Pittsburgh -- didn't take long to fire back, calling Clark an "Uncle Tom" in a comment on an ESPN NFL Instagram post about Clark's criticism.

It's the latest chapter in a drama that's already featured Brown getting benched, requesting trade AND not returning Ben Roethlisberger's phone calls and messages.

For his part ... Brown says a "big interview" with James Harrison is on the way -- so seems we'll get Antonio's side of the story shortly.

Stay tuned ...