Funny, just as I clicked on this thread I watch his bro pick off Tannehill in the BUF/MIA game.

First off, I'm sure that lots of safeties look fine when you compare their rookie numbers to the disappointing rookie season of Troy. That doesn't mean that you can extrapolate those numbers to determine that a player will succeed because they had a better rookie year.

Edmunds has been thrown to the wolves year 1 in a way that was not expected. Good for him for fitting in and not looking like he didn't belong. He definitely has both the ability and potential to become a player who other teams must gameplan around.

If the team can add a couple of linebackers in the draft/FA then a player with Edmunds' versatility will be in position to make a lot of plays on the backside. With the amount that the team has in cap space, I expect them to add either a corner or linebacker in FA. I also believe that they will pull the tag on Dupree and use that $9M+ to find another impact defender.